When kids turn about age 6 or 7, they would usually grow out of certain habits like cartoon shows. This is the same for almost every kid but not Skye Edwards and her love for My Little Pony. Seemingly her love for the show knows no end as evidenced by spending an outstanding ₤1000 on My Little Pony merchandise such as toys, clothing like hoodies and shirts as well as some memorabilia.

The 18-year old college student from Winchester England did not exactly start watching the show when she was a child. In fact, she only got into My Little Pony three years ago when she was 15-years old. The fateful event was courtesy of a friend who showed her videos of the cartoon on Youtube and she had completely fallen in love with it.

She explained that at first there was some hesitance because she didn’t think 15-year old girls should be watching My Little Pony. But she couldn’t resist the flowing manes and bright colors of the beautiful ponies and had fallen head over heels for them.

By the end of 2011, Skye had spent ₤100 on 30 ponies and proudly displayed them in her room, taking care of them and even styling their hair.

Soon after, she was sporting My Little Pony rucksacks in college and that was also the first time she was first equated with the term “brony.”

A boy quickly noticed her and asked her if she was a brony. Skye however, did not know what that meant. She said she nodded proudly when the boy explained that a brony was a fan of My Little Pony. It then turned out that the boy was also a fan of the show.

Skye said that they both knew there was a connection between them and soon they became a proper couple.

She acknowledged that her love for the cartoon does not end there as there are more ponies on eBay they could buy.

Now with all the My Little Pony merchandise she had bought, she says that her collection is now worth ₤1000. Some of her collections include figurines, toys and clothing.