Although buying or renting a condo is a lot easier, there are more advantages if you would opt to buy house or a luxury property in Thonglor instead. Buying a house may be more expensive than renting or buying a condo but if budget is not a concern, buying a house is a better investment option. Here are some of the top advantages of buying a luxurious property in Thonglor.

Utmost Privacy

One of the advantages of owning a house instead of a condo unit or town house is that you get more privacy especially if you will have your house gated or fenced. You can wear your most comfortable clothing in the house all day long or play the loudest music without neighbours checking on you or filing a complaint against you. You can also enjoy a few laps in your pool, without having some stranger share the area with you. You can hold barbecues at your backyard and enjoy the company of your friends too.

Additional space

Another reason why you should buy a luxury property in Thonglor is that you get extra room for your bike or your children’s outdoor toys. You also get extra space for planting flowers, spices or organic vegetables. You can have a storage room outside your house or build a gazebo in your mini garden. These are things that you cannot have when renting a condo. If you have pets, they have ample space to roam around or play in your backyard. Having your own house also offers extra storage in the attic, basement and you will also have your own garage.

No neighbours to concern you

With a luxury property in Thonglor, you don’t have immediate neighbours to worry about and who may have you stressed with their noise or mere presence. You also get a quiet space free from the banging of your neighbours during repairs or with the loud music of your flatmates.  With your own home, there would be no occupants above you or beside you. With this, you will have peace of mind compared to having a condo unit in a building.