There are numerous types of vanity sink designs but if you have limited space, go for cloakroom vanity units. They are just like any other vanity units but are smaller in type to provide excellent solution for small bathroom space while maintaining hygiene in the area. You can find this type of vanity units in the internet or even in your local home shops or furniture stores. To help you find the perfect unit for you, take a look at these ideas.

Factor in your bathroom space

Before you purchase one of those cloakroom vanity units, make sure to measure your bathroom’s floor area or where you intend to place the unit. You don’t want your vanity sink to take up much of your space or purchase an oversized vanity unit that will make it hard for you to move around in your bathroom. Aside from the bathroom area, check the measurement of the unit to find out if it can be accommodated in your bathroom.

Consider its functionality

Vanity units, generally, have two functions. One is to have it as utility cabinet for bathroom items such as towels, supplies of soap, shampoo, body wash and other toiletries. The other purpose of having a vanity unit is to add an aesthetic value in your bathroom. There are vanity units with more drawers and storage space while there are those that are simpler especially the smaller units.

Choose a good design  

Another point in choosing cloakroom vanity units is its design. Choose a vanity sink that will complement the overall theme of your bathroom. If your bathroom is designed in contemporary style, pick a modern vanity unit. If your wall painting is light colored, choose a vanity unit with darker shade. There are vanity units for every style. If your bathroom’s theme is Victorian, an elaborate vanity unit or a marble one will be more suitable. For modern styled bathroom, choose one with tapered sink. No matter what design you choose, always consider the overall harmony of your furnishings to achieve a more pleasing visual appearance of your bathroom.