A company in Mason is said to have invented the glass shower enclosures which is now a common fixtures in every modern bathroom. The invention was the brainchild of Basco Corp., with headquarters in Mason and is proud to be a local brand. The original shower door was their innovation and up to this day, the company remains to be one of the largest manufacturers of the shower enclosures in the United States. Basco Corp. celebrated its 60th anniversary in the business last year after it has been founded by Bill Rohde. The company is now owned by the second generation son, George Rohde, of the original founder.

According to reports submitted by the marketing Vice President, Greg Weyman, the company creates an average of 100,000 custom shower doors every year that are made to order. When the shower doors were first invented, its main purpose is to make sure that the bathroom floor remains dry with the sliding and swinging open feature of the doors. Decades after the first shower doors were made, there are various innovations that make the current showers provide a spa-like environment to the users.

Weyman also revealed that the key to the business’ success is their ability to respond and adapt depending on the trends that the customer demands. This trend obviously changes over time and has to be met every time. He added that staying ahead of the trend is also important and acknowledging the fact that glass utility are now considered as a designer piece when it comes to bathroom designs.

Basco specializes in designing custom shower doors and enclosures as well as its fabrication. The company now caters to a lot of customers ranging from wholesalers in the plumbing market to construction contractors that supply to small businesses and establishments.

Weyman shared how the boom of the online business has also made it possible for their products to reach more customers as they are able to shop online.

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