Los Angeles, CA – Literacy has always been a problem to society that is why the people who started 826LA are doing their best in helping young kids to read effectively and perform better in schools. Their efforts were in vain as they have helped many youngsters in LA. Through the 826LA’s after-school literacy tutoring program, many kids are now able to read comprehensively.

Among the kids who have benefitted from the program is 10-year old Brandon Torres. Now in his fifth grade, Brandon first joined the literacy program 2 years ago.

The young boy said that ever since he first joined, he has been doing great in school. He dreams of going to a good college to become a scientist like Albert Einstein and has said that the program helps him with his homework, when they do, he gets good grades.

The program would always start with helping the kids complete their homework. After the tutors had made sure that the kids had finished with their home assignments, they would then proceed to help them with reading and writing. The kids would pick out a book of their liking from the in-house library provided by 826LA and read silently or loudly, whichever way, in front of a tutor. They would also be given writing projects as prepared by the tutors.

Another kid said that the program teaches them many different writing strategies and that they help them write fun stories.

The creators of the program also think that they are not reaching enough kids. That is why they are also taking 826LA to many different local schools.

From 2012 to 2013, 826LA has catered to about 8,160 students all over LA with most of their parents saying that their kids have greatly improved with reading and writing as well as their performance in school.

Joel Arquillos, executive director of 826LA, said that the program is all about making the kids excited with reading and writing. He also describes 826LA as a place that honors books.

826LA caters to children from 6-11 years of age. There is also a program that would help students aged 11-18.

826LA chapters are located all around the city. In fact, you might even notice about 40 kids reading and writing at the back of the Time Travel Mart on Echo Park.