Everyone, at least once, has experienced a light bulb moment; that sudden flash of inspiration and a realisation of a solution in the midst. Entrepreneurs often have these light bulb moments too. Mostly, theirs result to business ideas for which burn so brightly.


A light bulb moment for a drummer

About 5 years ago, Tim Kitchen who is a professional drummer was doing his regular online drumming session. He was recording drums over the internet. He had also written a book about it, and he began to teach other drummers to take on the same endeavour.

He mentioned that they mostly needed help from their websites and their online marketing. With the skills he learned from experience, he helped them.

It was only after he was in conversation with a neighbour who was a plasterer struggling with finding work that his light bulb moment came. Kitchen asked if the internet was helping his neighbour with the business. His neighbour has no website. What was worse was that his neighbour had already paid services from a company to start the business website but they disappeared with the money which left his neighbour dubious about the internet thing.

Kitchen offered help to his neighbour by building him a website without charge. He used what he had learned in order to make sure that it was Google optimised. He also gave the idea further thought. Kitchen was called two months after by his neighbour and was told how the website changed his life. Furthermore, the business came top in Google results in the local area. This was his light bulb moment. He has never done something that changed lives before. He then knew that it will be his focus in the coming years.


The birth of Exposure Ninja

In the next years, Kitchen built several hundred sites for tradespeople. In 2012, he launched Exposure Ninja. Since the demand grew, he hired people for help. Now, he has 70 people working from remote offices. His business is set to turn over a million pounds this year.



Kitchen’s light bulb moment is an example of how one idea can change one’s life. On another point, it is also an example of how the internet has limitless opportunities for people to start business on. Whether that business is a Travel Agency in the Bahamas or Plasterers in Sydney, location is not a problem due to the internet’s reach.