Fingerprint is now using being used to unlock Smartphones and according to a new report it will soon be used to unlock websites and services. People will no longer be required to memorize passwords to access email, online banking and streaming services like Spotify. This is good news for people who are overwhelmed with the number of passwords that they have to remember.

According to Paul Lee, the head of technology, media and telecoms research at Deloitte, fingerprints will provide an ideal alternative to passwords that can be difficult remember if you have many online accounts. While the use of fingerprints has taken too long to gain traction, the technology has taken off in the last three years. Deloitte interviewed 4,000 people and they found out that 31% of adults aged 18 to 24 were using their fingerprints to unlock their Smartphone.

Deloitte predicts that by the end of next year, at least 1 billion Smartphones will include fingerprint readers. Deloitte hopes that the technology will be used on cheaper models. A decade ago, the first fingerprint reader was launched by Toshiba when it adapted the identification function from the laptop to the handset Portege G500.

In 2011, Motorola tried the technology on its Atrix 4G before the iPhone 5S incorporated the Touch ID in 2013. However, it was Apple that pushed the technology into the mainstream. The impact of authentication technology is not immediate even with the current hype because people still unlock their phone using passwords or PINs. A small number of Smartphone users do not even bother to lock their phones.

Many people also have issues on fingerprints scanning because it is closely associated to criminality and having the fingerprints taken by police authorities. On the other hand, illegitimate sharing of accounts can be stopped if fingerprints are used instead of passwords.

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