Who knew that the advent of the internet based calling or VOIP made the traditional calling’s life complicated? Things are becoming more interesting but also trickier with the high speed internet being available anywhere in the world, offered in public hotspots or Wi-Fi. Still, telecommunication giants increase their rates remarkably.

Now, there is finally a solution that seems too good to be true – an application which allows its users to make calls to anyone on any number in the world. This is also free. Anyone is able to call internationally. Likewise, calls to landline numbers are possible. The app is available for download in both iOS and Android.

A new app that allows calls for free to anywhere in the world

CallPal has bridged the gap between VOIP and the traditional calling. Rustam Singh from Entrepreneur India checks the app and has found out the following information.

Key Features

  • It is absolutely free to call to any number.
  • The call recipients will not need to install the app.
  • The call recipients will still see a caller’s registered phone number, so this means that they wouldn’t know that the app was used to make a call.
  • It is able to call international numbers too.
  • Likewise, the landline numbers can be called too.
  • During sign up, there are no long forms to fill in.
  • There are no spam on an app user’s phone.
  • There are no built-in premiums, credits, coins or any other proxy ways that will extract money from the user.
  • The app ensures that a user is never spammed with continuous and repeated reminders to make use of the app.
  • It works on iPhones as well.
  • It also syncs with a user’s contacts so as to mirror a regular dialing pad.


With the advent of the internet and the rise of technology, many apps like CallPal are being created to make everyone’s life easier and to make communication more convenient. Anyone from the India can now call to their families living in the United States, or an American retiree calling that Pattaya condo for sale to finalize a transaction. Everything has been made uncomplicated.