Language used to be a great barrier in effective communication among people from different countries. For one to understand a foreign language and speak it fluently, going to a language learning school will be required. However, language barrier is a thing of the past because of technological innovations. Recently a gadget was launched to allow two people who speak a different language to understand each other.

Pilot has introduced earphones that resemble Babel Fish in “Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy” wherein two people who speak a different language understand each other. In the book, Babel Fish was used by Arthur Dent to understand the language of the beings that he encountered during his travels. Babel Fish was a small, leech-like yellow fish that is placed in the ear to understand what a being is saying in his own language. The Babel Fish removed all the barriers to communication.

Pilot’s gadget is supposed to be a smart earpiece that can translate between two languages. The wearable technology that was developed by Waverly Labs will allow two people who speak a different language to understand each other easily. The technology used was not explained clearly except that it is using translation technology. The New York-based company came up with the idea after one of their technicians met a French girl he wanted to communicate with.

Other companies have also developed technologies to remove language barriers. Google translate apps can easily translate what you are saying on your phone so that you will be understood by the other party in real time. Skype caters to seven languages and can translate calls using the language. Microsoft in the UK claims that within the next 5 years, translation to different languages will be possible through a smartphone.

However, all these technological gadgets are artificial intelligence for communication. People who want to learn a foreign language like English still requires teachers that will help in reaching the end goal. Tefl Thailand is the best option to gain a high paying job as an English teacher. TEFL certification which is an internationally recognized certification will be within your easy reach through Tefl Thailand.