New Balustrades: An Emerging Trend

When you are designing any kind of structures regardless if it’s a high-rise that has a nice penthouse above or a multi-storey mansion inside an exclusive subdivision that is reserved for those who belong to the topmost spot of the society, you have to make sure that you make every single precautionary measure there is to ensure not just the quality of the structure but also and more importantly, the general safety of the people who would be staying at the said structure especially if we are talking about designing a very tall high-rising building. You see, the beauty of a structure means nothing at all if the state building department declares that the structure is not safe to be occupied due to various violations which may include the lack of high-quality materials in the construction stage. Now, in designing and building anything for that matter, there are new materials that are making interesting noise in the industry right now and among those materials are the sturdier types of glass which are now commonly used for balustrades in luxury homes or even in high-rising buildings. Balustrades to begin with, have two main purposes that make them popular among homes: as a safety measure and, as a decorative finishing features especially for staircases, balconies, pools and even buildings.


Nowadays, there are other materials that are popular choices for a balustrade aside from the traditional materials such as metal and wood that have grown as commonly preferred materials by traditional designers and engineers. However, with the continuous moving forward of time, civil engineers and designers alike have come up with newer and more revolutionary kinds of balustrades that can be used for porches and even stairs that are helpful in furthermore enhancing the overall look of a house or a building. With today’s weather becoming more erratic by the day, a typical balustrade is now sturdier and is built to be able to withstand extreme weather conditions that is why you can now see a balustrade that is made out of pure concrete especially if you are in Uganda. In addition to this, a balustrade can now be installed in other things such as verandas, compound walkways among others.

How To Search For Properties In Thailand

Thailand is such a magnificent place with rich Asian culture that they have successfully preserved over time. Aside from their interesting culture, Thailand’s water is teeming with marine life and stunning powdery beaches. If you want to have a piece of heaven, purchase some properties in Thailand that you can use for investment or as a personal getaway when urban life gets so stressful. Thai properties are also notably affordable with less complicated documentary requirements. If you are looking for a property in Thailand, you can start by looking at these sources:

The internet

The good thing about the internet is you can have a comprehensive idea on Thailand without being physically in the country. There are a lot of properties in Thailand that are placed on their real estate listing and you can start by looking at this. You can also contact local real estate agents in Thailand to get more ideas of your target property. Just to be on the safe side, you can ask a real estate lawyer to assist you on the process to ensure that your rights and your money are well protected. This is particularly important if you are a foreign investor or property buyer.

Local experience

The best way to assess if Thailand is for you is by simply taking some time off, pack your bags and head off to one of their pristine beaches and crystal-clear waters. You will definitely not run out of choices for beaches and tourist spots in Thailand.  You can also feast on their sumptuous dishes and exotic delicacies. With a few days in Thailand, you will undoubtedly decide to purchase one or even a few properties in Thailand. It’s not matter of whether you will buy or not, but a matter of where you are going to buy a property in Thailand.

Friends from and in Thailand

Your friends in Thailand are one of the best sources of information for property buying in the area. Ask for referrals if they know of properties that you can purchase. Who knows, you just might get a good deal out of your friend’s recommendation.


Crib Bumpers Should Be Banned For Infant Safety

Baby crib bumpers are available in the pages of any children’s furniture magazine or catalog. This piece of fabric is usually padded and is tied around the crib’s wooden slats. They make the crib cute and comfy for babies. However, these crib bumpers are deadly according to researchers. Babies can get caught in them leading to suffocation, entrapment or strangulation.

There is no evidence to prove that these crib bumpers also prevent injuries for babies. So, it is best to not use them as they are dangerous according to Dr. Bradley Thach from the Washington University School of Medicine. He authored a study in 2007 about crib bumper deaths. He mentions how it has gotten worse from 2007.

Thach is also contributing author to The Journal of Pediatrics which shows the increasing number of deaths from crib bumpers.

A study found that between 2006 to 2012, 23 babies died in the period. The suffocation was due to crib bumpers. This number is way higher than the average deaths from 3 seven-year periods prior. Between 1985 to 2012, there were 48 deaths for babies. There is also an additional number of 146 injuries from crib bumpers that include nearly suffocating and choking on its ties. This study used data from Consumer Product Safety Commission which is an agency that keeps an eye on consumer products.

Crib bumpers were originally designed as a means to prevent infants from falling out of their cribs. Regulations today demand for the crib’s slat size to be decreased. Crib bumpers were also intended to prevent babies’ heads from bumping in the slats and were also intended to prevent their legs or arms to be caught in between these rails. According to N.J. Scheers of the CPSC, sleeping sacks are a better and safer alternative than these crib bumpers.

The CPSC is in the process of forming guidelines and recommendations on how these crib bumpers are to be regulated. In the meantime, it is best for parents to steer clear of using these crib bumpers and use tight fitted sheets instead for their infant’s cribs and Oak Baby Furniture.

Incorporating Monograms Into Your Life

Monograms are the best way to transform something ordinary and make it look like a chic piece. Any ordinary pieces such as napkin and pillowcase can easily be transformed into something better by adding a monogram. The history of monograms is known to start in the Ancient Greek and Rome and it has take a great turn during the Victorian era because of its popularity with the aristocrats who are fond of embroidering monograms to their personal things using their initials. It was then that monograms gained its popularity. There are different ways wherein one can use and incorporate monograms to make ordinary things more beautiful.

If you are fond of making your sofa look better, then you can use accent pillows. To make accent pillows more beautiful? Throw in a monogram. It is important to remember if you are giving these accent pillows as gift to a couple, make sure that the monogrammed last initial is placed at the center. The wife’s initial will have to be located at the left side of the last initial while the husband’s is to be placed on the right side. Make sure that the positions of the initials do not create words that you do not want to be displayed in your own home. There are other modifications if desired. If the gift is for a single person only, the last initial should be in the middle, the initial of the first name should be on the left while the middle name initial should be on the right side. It is also better to use only the first and last name initials.

You can also add in monogram in your furniture to give them a unique look. Upholstered furniture can be easily added with monograms. Remember that the font as well as the color of the monogram must be in coordination with the size and style of the furniture that you are putting it on. To make your dining experience better, add in monograms to linens and dish towels. For special celebrations, monogram gifts are the best way to go since it is more personalized than any other gifts.

How To Throw A Stress Free Party

Hosting a party? If so, you should know beforehand that throwing a party shouldn’t be stressful so don’t be intimidated by all the decision-making and decorating. Just remember to plan early and keep yourself organized then everything would be fine. Here is how you can plan a stress-free party.

  1. Get yourself organized. Organization is the key to a successful stress-free party. Make sure you have a master list of all the things that you need to do and constantly update it after new developments. Highlight every task that needs to get done. Create a list of all the things that you would need for the party, all the party supplies, the decorations and even the food. Don’t forget to write a guest list complete with all the contact information of all the guests.
  2. Go online. The internet is home to affordable party supplies and all you need to do is search. Make sure to buy from reputable suppliers like Paper Mart so that you get quality supplies and avoid getting scammed.
  3. Go for a themed party. You can never go wrong with themes. Themes add more festivity to your party no matter if it’s for a birthday, an anniversary or just for the holidays. Themed parties are more fun as you get to transform your place into a different world.
  4. Send the invitations. Yes, everything is digital now but that doesn’t mean you should just effortlessly email your guests with the invite. But a mailed invitation coupled with a carefully made invitation can set the tone and build anticipation for the fun that is to happen at the party. Make sure to decorate the invitations to let your guests know that you mean business.
  5. Keep it simple. For the table settings, you don’t have to make it complicated. In fact, it would be better if you just keep everything simple and just make use of lighter and simpler decors. The same goes with the appetizers.
  6. Donate an hour to yourself before the party starts so that you’d be able to freshen up and prepare. Light some candles for added ambiance and when you open the door, greet everyone with a big smile and cocktail in hand.
  7. Don’t forget to give your guests something for their presence. Remember, a little token of appreciation goes a long way.

Different Ways You Can Decorate Using Ribbons

Ribbons often come in many different varieties. They can vary in color, patterns, materials and sizes which make them flexible for a wide variety of tasks. In the beginning, ribbons were solely used for religious and symbolic purposes in many ancient cultures of the world but people soon found the beauty in ribbons and made use of it to further their own. Ribbons can now be used to decorate all sorts of items from vases, to dresses, from curtains to tables. You will find that they are ever-present in special occasions and events such as birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, and even funerals.

Another special task that ribbons are known for is the raising of awareness. Ribbons are now being used in celebration, commemoration and to spread awareness to certain causes such as domestic violence, sexual assault, Cancer, Terrorism, and HIV/AIDS.

Here are some creative decorative uses that you may want to use on your ribbons.

  1. Ribbon Cushions. You may have probably seen a ribbon cushion before. While there is sophistication and complexity in the craft, you would find that ribbon cushions aren’t that difficult to do. All you would need is a silk ribbon, preferably of different varieties and colors, stuffing, fleece fabric, as well as marker pens, scissors and masking tape.
  2. Tea Towels. Little did you know that you can use ribbons to decorate your tea towels? And the best part of this is that they aren’t that hard to do. All you would need is a sewing machine, a couple of ribbons and ready-made tea towels.
  3. In your childhood days, you have probably been taught how to make placemats using strips of cloth. All you need to do is make a crisscross pattern from these strips but instead of using cloth, you will be using decorative ribbons.
  4. Bed Linen. If you want to enhance the appearance of your pillowcases and bed sheets, the best way to do so is to use ribbons. There are lots of tutorials in the internet relating to this craft and all you would need is patience and a bit of sewing skills.
  5. If you can decorate towels, placemats and bed linens with ribbons, then you most definitely could with clothing. You can customize shirts and jumpers and even skirts and pants with ribbons that complement their look.

Here’s Where You Would Find Free Moving Boxes

Moving can be such a hassle because not only would you have to deal with the separation from the house you had grown to love, you’ll also have to deal with organizing and packing all of your valuables. Packing unfortunately has proven to be a difficult task especially if you own a lot of items that need moving. Of course you can hire someone to do all of that for you however, if you are on the thrifty side that can prove to be a bad deal.

The secret to effective packing is finding strong boxes that can fit your belongings. Know that you don’t have to buy sturdy boxes because you can find them for free at numerous places. Also, you would greatly help the environment by reusing boxes instead of buying new ones. So if you are wondering where you’d find these boxes, here they are.

  1. If you want to find free moving boxes, the best place to try is Craigslist. If you use the FREE section of Craigslist, you’ll find a number of people giving away free boxes that they don’t use anymore. The best day to do so is usually the end of the week. Also, you can use the WANTED section of Craigslist and notify people what you are looking for. If you can’t find moving boxes for free, you can also negotiate from sellers or convince them to trade the boxes with you for something you are willing to giveaway.
  2. Freecycle is home to numerous recyclable items. To find moving boxes from Freecycle, you would have to check with your local area first. After that, you would have to join your local Freecycle group and request if they have free moving boxes.
  3. Local stores are always piling up with boxes they want to throw out or giveaway. Why not kindly ask to help unburden them with those boxes?
  4. Someone Who Just Moved. Someone you know who had recently moved is the perfect person to ask for moving boxes. They would probably want to get rid of those boxes and you might just be the person to help him!

Free is good. But while you can find free moving boxes that are still in good shape and quality, still nothing can beat unused and manufactured Paper Mart boxes. New would always guarantee the sturdiness you need.

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