Prevent Getting Yourself In The Spotlight For A Tax Audit

A tax audit notice coming from the IRS might be one of the scariest things a person can receive in their lifetime. One thing people should know is that there is very little chance of being audited and there are any ways to ensure that you will not be the subject of a tax audit. It is still recommended to get audit protection insurance to protect yourself and your savings in the event of a tax audit.

Based on the 2016 data book of the IRS, there are 148 million people who filed for tax returns and 1.2 million were audited. This means that not even 1 per cent or 0.8 per cent to be exact were audited from all the tax returns. The odds are getting even smaller because of the budget cuts that the IRS has been experiencing in the past few years. To avoid being audited, here are a few things you should keep in mind.

It is important to file a tax return regardless of you did not receive an income for that specific tax year or if you owe the government no taxes. This can be a red flag for the IRS and they might ask you why you did not file a tax return. For individuals with not taxes due or no income, the tax return should contain an explanation regarding this matter.

Get the best tax preparer in order to avoid yourself being placed in the spotlight of the IRS. You have to keep in mind though that even the best people in their field makes mistake at times. This does not mean that you should not hire a professional because you will need one especially if your financial status is quite complicated. If not, you can use tax preparer tools that are available.

Remember that those who report their income as zero are more likely to be audited than those who have higher income. The IRS gets suspicious that you might be deceiving them thus they will put you under tax audit. Two years ago, 3.25 per cent of people who filed with zero on their adjusted gross income are subjected to an audit. You are lucky if you have audit protection insurance but if you get audited without one then you might have to spend a lot in professional fee and other costs.

How much does a Business lose during a Broadband Outage?

Connection to the internet is very important for the hospitality industry of Thailand. Hotels that have websites are connected to 24/7 to consumers all over the world. Hotels can accept direct bookings no matter the time of day. Online marketing strategies spread the word that that there is a convenient hotel in Sukhumvit that meets every need and preference.

How much money that businesses lose when there is no internet connectivity? According to reports, broadband outage can result to £7 billion losses for the UK economy every year. Surprisingly, 25% of those that were hit by internet outage opted to mitigate downtime by performing tasks that do not require the internet. However, there are businesses that are not so lucky because their locations are so widely dispersed and staffs have to stay connected.

If the primary broadband service is disrupted, losses can be very substantial for a business. Daily operations can come to a halt for 38% of businesses. At least 13% immediately start losing money immediately after a broadband outage while 46% can suffer financial losses after 4 hours. Only 13% of businesses will resort to a backup solution.

For consumers, there are various ways to gain online access when they lose internet connectivity at home. There is the option of a coffee shop down the road. If you are lucky enough to have unlimited data, you can tether the Smartphone. However, these are short term solutions that will not work in case of a major broadband outage.

Internet access may have been branded by the United Nations as a basic human right but UK’s broadband speeds and infrastructure are still very low in terms of global standards. There are a number of reasons for major broadband outage like malicious attacks or damages to the infrastructure. A second line from a different source may prove effective when a major issue is encountered.

If you book directly with convenient hotel in Sukhumvit, you will enjoy more benefits and perks. There are special packages and discounted room rates including free upgrades and special offers on spa treatments. If you book in advance, you will enjoy more promos and discounts to make your Thailand holiday more affordable.

Two North East Firms Listed As Some Of UK’s Fastest Growing Exporters

The eight annual Sunday Times HSBC International Track 200 league table is a list of the companies in Britain with the fastest-growing exports, organized and ranked. The list has been recently released early May, with 2 North Eastern Britain companies having managed to make the cut, a bottling company and an IT recruitment firm, who can offer good bottling tips and IT recruitment Tips, respectively.

Two North Eastern Britain companies managed to continue their commercial success and get themselves included in the prestigious list of the country’s fastest growing exporters. The two North Eastern companies that made it on the list are County Durham’s Greencroft Bottling, and Newcastle’s Frank Recruitment.

Greencroft Bottling has already featured on the list prior, having made the cut last year after growing their exports to £6.4m. The County Durham based bottler is one of the largest wine bottling companies in Europe, and it’s production line can handle filling up 90,000 bottles and boxes of wine by the hour. The company has customers in Australia, New Zealand, as well as in the US, Chile, and even South Africa. Last year, the company made a big investment to increase its overall bottling capacity by 25%. The investment was reported to have cost £3M.

The other North East business is one worth asking for IT recruitment Tips. Frank Recruitment Group managed to make the list for the first time after its takeover by TPG Group, an American investment group, which has a history of backing several other successful enterprises, such as Spotify and Airbnb.

The IT recruitment firm operates globally, handling over 70 countries, and has been growing rather quickly, as proven by their presence on this list. The company recently opened offices in the US, specifically in Philadelphia and Dallas. Additionally, the firm’s international sales rose to £76.7M last year.

Both companies had managed to also win other accolades in the past few month. Frank Recruitment had made the list of Britain’s fastest growing firms in the month of March, whilst both companies, alongside Greencroft’s sister company Lanchester Wines, managed to make the cut for the Stock Exchange’s 1,000 Companies to Inspire Britain report.

The listing shows the importance of Europe to Britain’s exporting mid-market companies, as the Brexit negotiations loom. 85% of the companies featured on the list was aimed primarily at Europe, followed by North America and Asia.

Features Of Reputable Storage Facilities In Sydney

You can easily find a good number of storage facilities in Sydney. You can find them on the internet and you can even find them on the yellow pages or classified ads from your local newspaper. Some of your friends may also be able to recommend a good company that offers storage facilities so there is not much challenge in finding a service provider. The challenge is how you are going to choose a reliable company with all the available options before you. Here are some tips.

Ample storage units

One of the features that you should look for in a storage company is its capacity to provide various options to its customers. Since customers may need storage units right away and sometimes without prior notice, a reputable storage company should be able to provide a variety of unit options to those who would possibly need one. It would also be better if the company can offer different types of storage units such as cooled, heated and those with dehumidifiers, indoor storage and outdoor ones including parking for cars or vehicles that need to be parked safely for a number of days.

Customized services

You can also tell if you are looking at a reputable company for storage facilities in Sydney by their ability to offer customized services based on their customer’s needs and budget. To find out how a storage company can help you with your storage requirements, call them today to discuss your needs and how they can accommodate you with your budget. A reputable company should be able to cater to their customer’s needs without difficulty.

With positive reviews

Another indication that a company for storage facilities in Sydney is reliable is that when you check their website, you will find positive reviews and testimonials from satisfied customers. Look for a storage company without security issues or major complaints by customers in terms of lost items or bad service from its personnel. You can also check on forums and sites to find out what customers have to say about their service delivery.

Xiaomi Now Part Of The Lighting Industry

Xiaomi is no longer just considered a mobile giant. Once again, it released a revolutionary product that proved too desirable for many. It was able to carve out a niche with its sub-brand Yeelight, producing LED bulbs.

While the Philips Hue Lightstrip costs $90, you can save more with the LED strip light from Yeelight. This only sells for $29.99 which is a third of the price of the Philips Hue Lightstrip.

The Yeelight LED ligthstrip measures at two meters, having the same measurements with that of the Hue. This comes with a power cable that has a single-button remote. The remote will help you toggle Xiaomi’s LED strip light product, but you can also control it with the help of the Mi Home app.

What makes this product special compared to the other similar products in the market? This can support 16 million colours and could go up to 140 lumens, giving the user the ability to light a wide area easily. This is made of soft PU; flexing or bending it is possible even around corners. The product is super easy to install too. All you have to do is peel off its adhesive tape which is found on the back of the strip and then stick this on desired surface. If two meters is too much for you, you can always cut the strip at specific sections. Its maker says that this product is very durable. It can withstand elements and has received an IP65 rating. The company made sure that you will be able to place this anywhere you want with its three meter long cable.

When the Hue was released in the market, a lot of people wanted to get their hands on it, but the price became a huge barrier. Some said that it simply was unreasonable. With the Yeelight LED lightstrip, those who weren’t able to buy the Hue might reconsider purchasing an LED strip light now that Xiaomi made this more affordable.

While some might say that $29.99 is still too much just for an LED strip light, it can be noted that not all manufacturers will let you control their products with the use of your smartphone.

Advantages Of Professional Carpet Cleaning In Perth

You will surely save money if you do the carpet cleaning on your own. However, nothing beats to the kind of cleaning a professional carpet cleaning in Perth provides. Here are some of the advantages that you can get out of service:

  • Knowledgeable and skilled team.A skills training is required in order for a carpet cleaner to work for a carpet cleaning company. Thus, you can be sure that when you get the services of a cleaning company, you get high quality results, not just in carpets but on how they execute their jobs. They are professional enough to know how to take care of your things and furniture while cleaning carpets. Carpet cleaning can involve toxic materials and it can be hazardous when handled by one who is not an expert in the field.
  • The right equipment.The good thing about hiring a professional company for carpet cleaning in Perth is that you can be sure that they utilize the right equipment for the task. Professional carpet cleaners know how to handle these tools properly to effectively get rid of moisture, dirt and mildew from the carpet.
  • Understands your carpet needs. Part of the carpet cleaner’s job is to remove with mildew, bugs, pollutants, moisture and other matters that could lead to its untimely demise. Expert cleaners understand and know the needs of your carpets and the different approaches applicable to every issue. Carpets can have various stains and only an expert can effectively remove these stains without damaging the carpet.
  • With stain protection techniques. One of the advantages of getting the services of a professional carpet cleaning in Perth is their expertise to protect your carpet from future damages and stains. Carpet cleaners utilize protective agents that prevent the easy sticking of stains on your carpet. These experts use specialize formulas to protect your carpets. Some of these cleaning formulas are not available in hardware stores as they are formulated by carpet cleaners although there are carpet cleaning solutions that can be purchased straight from the manufacturer’s website and from registered distributors.

Ho Chi Min City In Need Of More Skilled Tourist Staff

Ho Chi Min City, also informally known as Saigon, is Vietnam’s largest city by population, with a bustling tourism scene, with 5 star hotels in Saigon being fairly commonplace due to the high tourist traffic that goes into the city. Naturally, this high tourist traffic has led to the city having a higher demand for qualified tourism staff, which has led to a bid of a staffing problem.

According to Vietnam’s National Tourism Administration, the city’s tourism sector needs a lot of new skilled workers for the industry’s labour pool, approximately 40,000 new workers ever year. A demand which wasn’t even close to being met last year, with only 15% of workers joining the tourism sector, with a mere 12% of that having a college education.

One of the investor for the Saigon River’s Elisa floating restaurant, Nguyen Hai Linh, however, pointed out that a degree in tourism was not a guarantee for a worker to get a job, pointing out that the demand for tourism staff was so high, companies and 5 star hotels in Saigon ended up rarely hiring tourism students, stating that students, while adept in the theories, were lacking in practical skills.

Another investor, this time for the Cathay hotel chain in the city, repeated that statement, saying that recruiting the right employees with degrees was difficult. The investor stated that a non-negligible percentage of Cathay hotels’ customers were foreigners, meaning that employees needed to have a good grasp of foreign language skills, which happen to be the one of the weakest skills of Vietnam’s students, a weakness tourism students are not exempt from.

The Ho Chi Minn City University of Culture’s Tourism Faculty dean, Mai Ha Phuong, stated that the somewhat lacking quality of tourism employees stemmed from the industry’s education lacking a proper curriculum.

She adds that that is a considerable problem, due to budget constraints and management mechanics, which prevents the institutions of the country from developing a good curriculum on their own, whilst simply buying a foreign curriculum was completely out of the question due to the differing programme in the universities and prohibitive cost.

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