Technology Changing Homework And Classrooms

Technology has affected how people do their day-to-day lives. From driving to offices to cooking in kitchens, from how research to entertainment is done, all of it is affected by technology. The classroom is not exempted from the influence of technology too.

Increased use of technology in classrooms

Technology has influenced classrooms with 97% of teachers having a minimum of one computer in the classroom, as of 2009. In addition, for those computers, 93% have access to the internet that students and teachers can use. In fact, the ratio for students to computers is 5.3 to one. There is a big increase in the past twenty years.

The general effect of technology in schools

Teachers and students find that the increase in technology availability is generating positive outcomes when it comes to the learning environment. For teachers in Pre-K to 12th grades, 74% mention that technology has helped expand and reinforce the contents that they are teaching. Students in the same percentage report that technology is part of a motivator in the learning process.

Writing and technology

A majority of teachers and students say that digital technology has allowed their writing abilities to be shared with a wider and more diverse audiences. This statement is strongly agreed by 52%. Seventy- nine percent of students who write also agree that technology encourages collaboration.

Technology as a homework helper

Almost one-third of those surveyed say that they use tablets for their homework. Sixty-five percent are using laptops. In addition, 39% of fourteen year olds, 42% of 6th graders, and 57% of 8th graders all say they use smartphones to finish their homework.

Technology alters the learning order

Technology is also altering the way teachers and students are receiving, processing and using information to meet their learning standards and goals. Instead of hearing a lecture at school then doing homework based from the lecture, the process has now changed. Students now watch video lectures for their homework. Then, they go to class and receive help with activities or projects, or take exams. This new process helps students having difficulty with learning to truly learn the information.


Indeed, technology and the internet have brought about many changes for learning and education. If anyone is looking for an application that solves mathematical problems from a picture or an assignment writing service in Canada, technology enables this through computers and the internet.


The Evolution Of Ugly Sweaters

It all started when a lawyer felt quite bored. According to Evan Mendelsohn who is now 31 years old, he was doing corporate law and dealing with contracts and due diligence made him feel bored and he has a sarcastic way of showing it.

To get answer his boredom, Mendelsohn decided to search online regarding SEO or Search Engine Optimization. He decided he needed a secondary hobby and while many will not agree that SEO is considered as a hobby, he went on and pursued it. During his research regarding SEO, he was able to see what online users are searching for and he also thought that their searches might give him an idea on what to do for a business. It was in 2011 that he saw there was a sudden increase of online searches with the keyword ugly Christmas sweater. It was Eureka moment for him since there seems to be a high demand for it but not much sellers are available online.

It his desire to start a business but he never wanted it alone so he decided to look for a partner. There was only one person for him that will fit the bill and it was Nick Morton, DDS. Morton is his roommate before and also his best friend during their school days at the University of California, located in San Diego. Mendelsohn shared that Morton is calm as well as possesses excellent intuition. He is the best business partner for him.

During that time, Morton who is 34 years old was practicing at San Francisco when his friend called him regarding the business idea he had and that is to sell ugly Christmas sweaters online. Morton was quick to jump on board the business plan. In just a week’s time, they were able to have their own website Tipsy Elves which they have capitalized using their cash and stocks. Each of them contributed $40,000. They learned how to build their own e-commerce site and research on business matters such as shipping and fulfillment. They were also able to learn Photoshop and design. They may not be the best graphic artist but they started making their own designs for the ugly Christmas sweater and everything sky rocketed from there.

TALMA Project To Help Underprivileged Students Learn English


Around 100 teachers coming from different English speaking countries in the globe are participating in a special project that aims to teach the English as secondary language for the less fortunate pupils that are studying in the elementary school located in Israel.

TALMA is also known as the Israel Program for Excellence in English. It is a summer program that is immersed in ESL. It was designed for kids belonging to municipalities with very low income. It is managed in partnership with the Education Ministry, the Steinhardt family Foundation in Israel and the Charles and Lynn Schusterman Family Foundation.

According to the director of TALMA, Alon Futterman, they call the event the 11 month for the public education.

The program will assign young teachers coming from countries that speak English, most of them are from the United States, in classrooms with their Israeli partner teacher in order to help teach English to students from Grade 4 to Grade 6.

Futterman also said that the program will help give unique opportunities as well as benefits to the students and to the teachers who will be teaching side by side.

He also added that there is a link when it comes to higher education and finding employment. Nowadays, in order for a student to qualify for higher education, they must have five units of English coming from their secondary school certificate. Parents who want their kids to have a chance in entering the University should invest in the years that they are beginning to learn English.

For the students in the elementary school, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity, a chance to learn English in a way that they would not have been able to afford if not for the program.

Futterman said that the program is full immersion so the entire class will be in English. The first part is focused on learning the language while the second part is meant for education projects. For those who are teaching English overseas especially to small kids, they are teaching them to develop their confidence in speaking the language.

826LA’s After-school Tutorial Sessions Are A Big Help For Youngsters

Los Angeles, CA – Literacy has always been a problem to society that is why the people who started 826LA are doing their best in helping young kids to read effectively and perform better in schools. Their efforts were in vain as they have helped many youngsters in LA. Through the 826LA’s after-school literacy tutoring program, many kids are now able to read comprehensively.

Among the kids who have benefitted from the program is 10-year old Brandon Torres. Now in his fifth grade, Brandon first joined the literacy program 2 years ago.

The young boy said that ever since he first joined, he has been doing great in school. He dreams of going to a good college to become a scientist like Albert Einstein and has said that the program helps him with his homework, when they do, he gets good grades.

The program would always start with helping the kids complete their homework. After the tutors had made sure that the kids had finished with their home assignments, they would then proceed to help them with reading and writing. The kids would pick out a book of their liking from the in-house library provided by 826LA and read silently or loudly, whichever way, in front of a tutor. They would also be given writing projects as prepared by the tutors.

Another kid said that the program teaches them many different writing strategies and that they help them write fun stories.

The creators of the program also think that they are not reaching enough kids. That is why they are also taking 826LA to many different local schools.

From 2012 to 2013, 826LA has catered to about 8,160 students all over LA with most of their parents saying that their kids have greatly improved with reading and writing as well as their performance in school.

Joel Arquillos, executive director of 826LA, said that the program is all about making the kids excited with reading and writing. He also describes 826LA as a place that honors books.

826LA caters to children from 6-11 years of age. There is also a program that would help students aged 11-18.

826LA chapters are located all around the city. In fact, you might even notice about 40 kids reading and writing at the back of the Time Travel Mart on Echo Park.

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