Bookup.Asia Release Plastic Surgery Infographic

Bookup.Asia have released a new infographic about celebrity plastic surgery winners and losers. To read the accompanying content they publish please visit this page.


Bookup Asia Infographic

Upcoming ‘X-Men: Apocalypse’ Costume of Oscar Isaac, Revealed

In the upcoming movie X-Men: Apocalypse which is directed by Bryan Singer, Oscar Isaac will be portraying the character of the super villain Apocalypse. It goes without saying that Oscar Isaac is a great actor though the moviegoers will not be seeing him. Apocalypse, based on his comic book image, does not have much physically human to show off since he is an alien. Oscar Isaac will be wearing a huge costume for the movie and it will be highly unlikely anyone will recognize him unless they know beforehand.

In the last X-Men movie, Days of Future Past, the audience have seen a glimpse of Apocalypse though it was in his younger version. That will be hint enough that Apocalypse’s costume will not be completely similar to the version of the comic books.

Isaac revealed that his Apocalypse costume will be a mix of digital effects and practical. The actor has not seen the script yet but is hinting that it will be physical with an added touch of robotic technology.

The project is definitely a go after Isaac shared that they are already doing a head cast. A head cast is when a team of artist put plaster all over an actor’s head to determine the shape of the face and the head and so they can have a clue as to how the costume and the make-up will look like. Head casting usually takes 3-4 hours, according to Isaac.

After this revelation, a lot of things can still change regarding the character Apocalypse. A mix of practical and digital is a good way to portray the character because anything physical will make moviegoers see how realistic it was and the digital part will only enhance things. Apocalypse is considered as an iconic villain, surely Oscar Isaac’s portrayal will be one to remember even if the audience don’t get to see him.

As Amy of the long time running American sitcom Big Bang Theory asks, “All right, well, who’s the best superhero?” Stuart wisely answered, “Shh! You can’t ask a question like that in here. Are you trying to start a rumble?”

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