How Team building Activities Can Improve Your Business

One needs to know how a group of people can work together and function as a team. Just because they are hired by the same company doesn’t really mean they can see themselves working as a team and engage in teamwork. There is a slight difference between working together and teamwork. So managers need to understand between both. People working for an organisation may need to perform important functions in their jobs to complete the work of teams. They don’t need to work together in a collaborative or cooperative manner to show they are functioning as a team. However, this is when team building activities come in handy to mold workers to work closely for teamwork.

So Let’s Define a Team

To define a team, it is a group of people who interact with each other and coordinate their work efforts to pursue a common goal. In many companies, work teams carry out the norm of a day to day operation to run the business.

How Can Teambuilding Help?

To stay in the work environment, one needs to work with a team. Be it good, bad or indifferent, this is how a business operates the work teams depending on their ranks so they can foresee a future. The teams can work in two ways: they can either be functional or dysfunctional.

If you want your workforce to come together and form as a functional team, you need to actively engage in teambuilding activities. This is for the best interest of the organisation at each levels. Teambuilding efforts will train your people to develop cohesive individuals in work groups to treat each other with respect, understand their positions in a workplace, and pull them together to improve the company’s goals.

So How Does Teambuilding Begin?

The plan for teambuilding activities begin from the top management. Whether they like it or not, the managers impose the tone for an acceptable behaviour within their company. If employees see their management team members pull together as a cohesive team, they will likely follow the same behaviours themselves.

Managers need to model a suitable attitude for employees to follow, and to provide them with training if they need to develop as a group. Together, they will be working as a team to achieve something for the company.

Etiquette In Personalised Wedding Favors

In a study conducted last year reading weddings, the average number of people invited to these events has reduced by 10 per cent from the period of 2009 until 2016. On the other hand, the average cost that couples spend on each guest has increased from $194 and is now $245. These numbers are accurate. This is why the trend for gift giving has also changed. In an intimate wedding, it is now more common to see personalised wedding gifts compared to generic ones. The couples are also upping their game by giving gifts personalised souvenirs which is why the spending is higher compared to before.

According to the co-founder of Magic Bank which is an event planning site, Nic Rock, couples now prefer personalised guest gifts such as the wedding favors they give away. Some even go the extra mile and leave custom gifts at the hotels where the guests are staying.

Majority of these guests gifts are practical ones. Shirley Bosch, Design a Latte’s store manager, said that they have been receiving requests from couples who wanted custom koozies as well as glassware. They wanted items that can be used daily by the guests rather than a one-time product.

New Orleans is one of the top wedding venues in the country. This is why guests would love to receive gifts that are made locally especially if the invited party came from another town. It can be as simple as a map that indicates the favorite places of the couple all over the city.

Simple gift items can be made special through personalization and even the most common ones can stand out because of the personal touch. There are different levels of guest favors from simple to the most deluxe.

Bosch shared that they have a couple who ordered stemless wine glasses with votive candles. The names of the guests are printed on the front of the glass while the back served as place cards with wedding details.

With the effort made by these wedding couples, it is now surprising to see that guests are also opting for personalised wedding gifts which are worth of the occasion.

Life Coach Utilizes Technology To Create Positive Impact

A few years back, Kessley McCormick was an esthetician in Lynchburg, Virginia which happens to be her hometown. One day she decided that she will do something so that she will not be cleaning other people’s faces.

She later found out that she was not destined to be in the fashion industry or as a respiratory therapist. Despite the fact that she is working in Virginia Beach and loved aesthetics, she does not find her passion in these jobs.

While she was doing facials with clients before, what she loved the most about the job is that she is able to connect with her clients. She was able to offer a listening ear and act as their support system.

McCormick shared how majority of her clients would remark that they get so much more than facials from her.

It was then that McCormick decided to apply her intuitive gift into pursuing a new career and that is to become a life coach. It was January this year that she was awarded the certification by the World Coaching Institute, an organization located in Miami Beach and offer life coaching training programs and certifications.

McCormick spent a number of hours performing online coursework and conducting phone caching. This medium fitted her perfectly because she is not like any other life coaches, she prefers to use through text and phone calls to clients.

McCormick confessed that she herself has an old-school attitude despite being only 32 years old. She loves to wander and have a book at all times.

She said that it is common to see millennials stuck to their gadgets thus her decision to use the smartphone as a medium. This is the reason why she is able to reach a lot of clients. She is not yet in a situation where she got clients in each state but she has many clients in various states already and many of her followers are based in London.

She said that life coaching books helped her a lot and that she can connect to anyone as long as they have a phone and they know how to speak the English language.

3 Tips In Choosing Cloakroom Vanity Units

There are numerous types of vanity sink designs but if you have limited space, go for cloakroom vanity units. They are just like any other vanity units but are smaller in type to provide excellent solution for small bathroom space while maintaining hygiene in the area. You can find this type of vanity units in the internet or even in your local home shops or furniture stores. To help you find the perfect unit for you, take a look at these ideas.

Factor in your bathroom space

Before you purchase one of those cloakroom vanity units, make sure to measure your bathroom’s floor area or where you intend to place the unit. You don’t want your vanity sink to take up much of your space or purchase an oversized vanity unit that will make it hard for you to move around in your bathroom. Aside from the bathroom area, check the measurement of the unit to find out if it can be accommodated in your bathroom.

Consider its functionality

Vanity units, generally, have two functions. One is to have it as utility cabinet for bathroom items such as towels, supplies of soap, shampoo, body wash and other toiletries. The other purpose of having a vanity unit is to add an aesthetic value in your bathroom. There are vanity units with more drawers and storage space while there are those that are simpler especially the smaller units.

Choose a good design  

Another point in choosing cloakroom vanity units is its design. Choose a vanity sink that will complement the overall theme of your bathroom. If your bathroom is designed in contemporary style, pick a modern vanity unit. If your wall painting is light colored, choose a vanity unit with darker shade. There are vanity units for every style. If your bathroom’s theme is Victorian, an elaborate vanity unit or a marble one will be more suitable. For modern styled bathroom, choose one with tapered sink. No matter what design you choose, always consider the overall harmony of your furnishings to achieve a more pleasing visual appearance of your bathroom.

Is Time Blocking The New To-Do List?

If you are one of those people who keeps a to-do list in order to know the tasks they need to accomplish in a certain day or days to come then you might have come to realize how frustrating it is. When each day ends, you look at your list and feel like you have more on it than when the day started because of one single, burning fact – you never got to do much at all.

In an attempt to learn where you are going wrong with your list, you can try to track the amount of time you spend in each task and you will be able to see a pattern. This is when you realize that you need something better than a to-do list, time-blocking.

Time-blocking is basically scheduling your day using only time slots for each task. You have been used to writing down a task and finish it no matter how much time without considering that there are other tasks to be done. With the new approach using time-blocking, each task or a group of tasks will be given a certain time period. It lets you determine the task where you have assigned an unrealistic amount of time. This way, all you have to do is focus at the task at hand.

According to Carl Newport, a professor from Georgetown University and the author of Deep Work: Rules for Focused Success in a Distracted World, time efficiency will be better practiced if every job is given an hour to be done. This way you can schedule the task on certain times where you think it fits best. You can compile small things in batches or you can even do the hard task when you have more free time. Another advantage of time-blocking is that you are able to determine the amount of free time you have on average as well as the length of time needed for a recurring tasks to be done.

This time management technique is also recommended by Kevin Kruse who is a time management expert and the author of 15 Secrets Successful People Know About Time Management. According to him, this technique will not only teach you discipline but how to organize tasks as well.

Rego And Her Unsurpassed Imagination

The Lisa Rego Art Gallery is currently celebrating its anniversary. They have been in operation for a decade and they decided to create a grand celebration for this year’s anniversary. The gallery was launched by the chief executive of America’s Cup, Mike Winfield. It can be found at the Dockyard’s Clock Tower Mall.

Lisa-Anne Rego, the artist responsible for all the artworks has created two paintings that fit just right with the program of America’s Cup Licensee – Flight and Chase. She offers a lot of variety when it comes to her artworks which she reproduces in both paper and canvas. Both images can be reproduced depending on the budget of the client.

According to Rego, she found it challenging to create a painting that will please the audience through its aesthetics alone. This is the reason why she never made use of the color black and she had to find other combinations wherein she will be able to reproduce something similar to the color black. After which, all she had to do is juxtapose the difference colors of every AC boat.

Take for example the sail of the red Emirates she painted. It worked well with the blue sail of the Artemis just next to it. In order for Rego to create a beautiful composition, she must be able to carefully arrange things in a way that the whole event is organized.

The first paintings she ever did with the aid of drone technology are Bermuda Aerial 1 and 2. These two paintings precede her latest collection. The setting of these two used the Bermuda as a background but through an aerial view. Included is the narrative of the race that happened on Wednesday night.

Her paintings are both available in lithographic prints as well as in digital canvas prints. Ms Rego revealed that they are all limited though and each size will only have 100 copies. These copies will bore the marks of the America’s Cup.

The price range of the artworks along with the canvas art print varies from $165 until $1200 for the largest canvas print.

Unique Qualities Of Custom Canvas Prints

Printing photos on ordinary photo paper is already passé, even obsolete. At this day and age where almost everything is automated, even printing photos are already done instantly and digitally.  People opt for custom canvas prints because photos on canvas can be around for the longest time because of its durability. There are numerous canvas printing shops in UK but choose one that provides superior projects at a pocket-friendly price. as much as possible, go for a company that offers opportunity for you to save money out of their services such as free delivery in UK. Look for a company that is committed to deliver projects in optimum condition for you to marvel at the product once it reaches your doorstep.

Digital photos have been in the market for several years now but printing images on canvas is just starting to get popular. Aside from photos, word art can also be printed on canvas. You can use canvas prints as wall decors to accessorize your room or office space. There are options for you to have the canvas prints on your table tops since the size of prints can be customized according to your preference.

There are several reasons why custom canvas prints are gaining followers. One of these is its durability. Digital prints on canvas lasts longer compared to ordinary photo paper. Canvas can withstand moisture so you can hang it even in humid areas like bathrooms or kitchen. Photos, even when framed, cannot withstand moisture and will get damaged when exposed to it. Photos printed on canvas have matte finish making the product look like an artwork. The best thing about this is that you do not have to spend so much just to have a beautiful work of art in your living room.

Another unique feature of custom canvas prints is that you can adjust the size of the image to fit your requirement. You can choose life size image or you can go for prints that can be placed on top of your office table. With custom prints, you have the freedom to apply your requirements.

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