How Non-Profit Organizations Can Take Advantage Of Profit-Oriented Digital Marketing

Non-profit organizations are often challenged by tight budgets, limited resources and restricted number of hours to complete never-ending tasks. When faced with these considerable challenges, the solution is efficient digital marketing techniques. Fortunately, many researches are being conducted and results are being revealed are free. Even if the organization is not working towards to a profit, it can still use profit-oriented online strategies.

When there is a campaign, it is important to generate as many visitors as possible that will take action. This means investing time and efforts to undertake the most effective digital marketing efforts and craft the language that resonates with the audience. Functional pages on the website must be built to make participation easy, simple and intuitive.

According to Kissmetrics, visitors strongly respond to images that contain faces. When the faces are looking towards content, online users tend to follow the gaze. If you do not want to use faces in the digital campaign, use hand drawn arrows instead.

Media coverage is very critical to non-profit campaigns particularly if it includes a link to the website. For example, a backlink to the website through New York Times will have a greater impact than a backlink from an unknown blogger. Backlinks from well-known websites are very useful in search engine optimization. Always provide journalists with links to your Facebook, Twitter and YouTube accounts and don’t forget to return the favor by sharing their piece with your audience.

Today, YouTube reigns supreme in the digital sphere. YouTube is also the second largest search engine. According to Hubspot, if you include a video in your emails, you can expect clicks to double or even triple. Videos can also boost your landing page conversions by 80%. There are lots of inexpensive tools that can be used to create professional-looking videos that will resonate with your target audience.

Content and social media are very important elements of your digital marketing campaign. Create engaging and relevant content and hashtags that will drive visitors to the website. However, it is important to have a social media management dashboard to manage all your social media accounts through a single log to monitor content efficiently.

Ways For Marketers To Change How Content Marketing ROI Is Calculated

Marketing leaders are already overdue to redefine what content marketing success means. A better understanding regarding marketing ROI and pushing content marketing to a revenue driving force are both at stake.

Even if content marketing is still somehow new to several people, it is already going through an evolution. If a content is not engaging and not offering value to customers, it is not likely to be seen, shared, or influence revenue to a brand.

Daniel Ruyter from The Content Standard by Skyword listed ways about how a marketing leader must define success in terms of content, with key expectations which need to be changed.

Content marketing KPIs need redefining

Even if statistics, such as page views, session duration, unique visits and bounce rates, may influence how a business feels, these only matter when they are examined in context. And, context is a big challenge for the marketing leaders to comprehend.

The top website key performance indicators to redefine include: sessions, users, and page views; demographic info (like gender and age); global bounce rate; and anything organic search.

With a new perspective, KPIs can take on another definition of success.

Don’t neglect email content

Email marketing, including its subscribers, matter. Reports also still indicate that marketing through email is one of the top digital channels for ROI.

Email marketing is inexpensive which helps in contributing to its huge ROI. However, throwaway email marketing should go. An email content strategy must be liken to a publishing destination like how videos, blogs, or other content hubs are treated.

Contents are not made equal

Contents which are most valuable to visitors at every level of the purchasing process must be looked in, since content that is most valuable must be treated important through engagement value scoring.

Determine the best content, while making sure that it is seen, consumed in every device, and shared with minimal friction. Create additional content same as the top performing content, too.

No longer accept false geographic wins

Geo and language metrics are great examples of those selective filters that good content marketers must consider when traffic is not offering value to efforts. When these are not accounted, it is likely that incorrect investment and decisions are made.


In the end, marketers should adjust the methods to define and measure success. A marketing ROI calculator can also help in this process.


Combining Internet Marketing With SMS

Ever since the early days of AOL, internet marketing has increasingly advanced. Even though the times have changed, the internet still remains to be a valuable medium for reaching out to and converting customers.


Internet marketers and companies alike, such as crewdo, continually look for ways to create sales. They have started to use SMS messaging services in order to convert customers.


Why does SMS messaging complement the complexities of internet marketing?


The effectivity of SMS

A lot of the public believe marketing through SMS is somehow ineffective, and this is due largely to its reputation as being spammy since a number of devious marketers use it. It can be a good marketing medium when used correctly.


SMS and its Open Rate

According to research, an email’s open rate on average is 15% to 20% for most industries. On the other hand, it is 90% for SMS messages.


SMS Click-Through and its Conversion Rate

Its click-throughs as well as conversion rates are high. Data indicates that 14% of the receivers click through links in the messages and almost 9% of them attain the conversion goals.


Internet Marketing Helps with SMS Leads

SMS is a permission based marketing. Although people are hugely skeptical of links and are reluctant to click these links from people they have not interacted with, SMS marketing is effective when used alongside email marketing. The first step is to have recipients opt in while nurturing relationships with them too.


Getting Users to Opt In

Sending unsolicited messages to customers is a violation of CAN-SPAM Act which means fines and imprisonment of 4 years. There is a better chance for people to opt in when permission is asked.


Building Relationships Through Email Prior

Building a relationship through social media or email is helpful since there is space to communicate a brand’s benefits.


Separating Users by Engagement

Email providers allow for creating separate user lists which is based from any prior actions they have made. This is a list of those who are more responsive to SMS.


Making SMS Brief

SMS need to be on point and brief, and it should be used for a definite call-to-action for users showing interest.


Why Businesses Should Use Instagram For Online Marketing

For businesses, it may seem weird to be posting images on social media platforms; but surprisingly, it works. Instagram is now considered as the fastest growing social media platform with more than half a billion users. From these enormous numbers of users, many are potential customers, employers and business partners. If your business has not yet opened an account on Instagram, you are missing many opportunities.

When a business posts visual content it is very likely to be shared 40 times in social media. This ensures that the brand gets a fair share of online exposure. However, there are several factors to be considered when using Instagram for marketing purposes.

• Advertising is different from Instagramming – this means that you have to gain the interest of the target audience through presentation of pleasing content with the advertising message kept in the background. The primary objective is to generate a loyal following; purchases will follow organically.

• Build a connection by being authentic – post a mix of professional images and some candid shots. You can use images of the brand but give the audience a glimpse of personal life.

• Images tell a story – pictures should not feel like they are being staged; paint a real picture of what happens in daily life. Interconnect posts through stories that your followers can engage with.

• Align your product with other brands – you can broaden the follower base if you bring two brands in a single photo; hashtagging will ensure an increase in new followers particularly if it is shareable.

• Quality is more important than quantity – the business may not be able to post stunning shots similar to those of National Geographic but you can make your Instagram account the best it could be by posting quality images only. People respond well to quality images that stir a sense of pride.

The internet has made it more convenient for businesses to access packaging supplies. Just click on the website of Paper Mart for the lowest prices and guaranteed shipment immediately after the order is received. Shipping costs are kept as low as humanly possible.

Upcoming Sales: Have You Bought Your Pet A Gift?

The season of sales are starting and it is the best time to get your beloved pets their gifts and ugly Christmas sweaters should be included in the list. If you are still empty handed for the coming fall and winter holidays then it is high time you get something for everyone but make sure to have something special for your loyal pets.

If you are a pet owner then it should be a time to celebrate the holidays with the ones that you spend your whole year with – your dogs and cats. Companies and businesses are fully aware of the importance of the upcoming holiday and they know that during these special days, consumers would love to stock everything they could before the holiday arrives.

According to Amanda O’Brien, the marketing director of Planet Dog, their company is going to present to the consumers their new product line which will feature gifts for dogs that are holiday themed. O’Brien shared a data that revealed how 67 per cent of dog owners are planning on buying something for their dog these coming holidays. Every member of the family has gifts during the holiday and dogs are not an exception since they are considered a member of the family. Planet Dog aims to provide products that are not only fun filled and holiday oriented but also durable enough for the pets.

Pet Palette LLC’s operations director, Mike Dagne, shared how many of the retail companies depend on the last quarter of the year since it is the most critical time in the business. Many of the retailers are allocating around 35 to 40 per cent of their operation during the last quarter. Some of the customers who will be buying products for the holiday will be repeat customers which demand the importance of providing new option for them annually.

P.L.A.Y.’s associate director of sales, Lisa Hisamune, revealed that they are releasing new toys for the upcoming holiday. Many of these toys such as the Santa’s Little Squeakers are inspired by decorations used during Christmas as well as designs from ugly Christmas sweaters.

Tips When Selling Properties Through Website

Though the real estate industry is in bloom right now, the need to set up their own website is important because of the trend and the way people use technology nowadays. Online shopping is preferred by many because of convenience and ease of transaction. The same thing could be said for real estate because clients are more likely to check online first and see if the company has the house and land packages they want. Questions can easily be posted through the website and contact information is easily accessible to the clients. Handing out calling cards are not so common these days and internet users tend to go online when looking for something. With these considerations in mind, online marketing could be the most efficient method to reach out to more people and present your products.

Creating and using a website is easy, getting leads and turning them into clients is the challenging part. Here are some tips:

– A website should be user-friendly and accessible so prospect clients can easily browse through house and land packages and see all options for them. Ease of use is important because technology has been so fast these days that people are not willing to wait longer than a few minutes sometimes less. This flaw could mean users leaving the site and looking for another option.

– Though website design is important, the content is just as vital in making sure users are kept interested. Images used should be of high quality and all necessary information should be highlighted and easily seen. The website should also give off the image that the company is reliable and can be trusted.

– Home buyers could take months to years before finally deciding something and patience is the key. A user might not be showing much interest and only canvassing but a few months or a year from now, it will come back and check out their options again. It is important that websites are always updated and well maintained.
Patience is the key to every business and real estate is one of them. Put some time and effort on your online marketing strategies and you will generate more leads.

Google Released Mobile Friendly Update

We met up with the people behind PWD and found out regarding Google’s new update which was geared to be more mobile friendly and how it will impact web design.

It was around 2 months ago when Google released a warning that they will be rolling out a new algorithm update which is designed to be more mobile friendly. The update was launched last April 21. Though it was feared by many website owners that their traffic will be greatly affected, the update was meant to the opposite. Google’s main goal in launching this new update is to make sure that all mobile users will have a better experience.

Since Google is aware that most mobile users are complaining because they went to do a search on their browser only to find out that their phones can’t fully access the website. In order to remedy this problem, Google launched this update which will remove websites that are not user friendly on the search engine and prioritize those that are. This is all to make sure the users will have a better experience.

The press has gone on to call the new update as Mobilegeddon. Here are some of the most important facts regarding the update which is useful for those websites that were affected by the new algorithm.

– Ever since the increase of mobile users, Google has shown its interest in providing mobile-friendly solutions. The company has also been clear about what is needed for a site to be treated as mobile friendly. If you don’t know if your web site is mobile friendly, Google has launched a tool that could test the website and point out the issues regarding the non-mobile friendliness of a site. The tool may be searched online.

– The new update will only affect the search engine results of all mobile phone users. Thing remain unchanged for those searching using their browser. This means your website will only feel the impact if most of your visitors is using their mobile phones when checking in. If only a few part of your income comes from mobile users then it wouldn’t be necessary to change the web site.

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