Cloud Protection Of Patient Information

It is common for myths and speculation to surround cloud computing and healthcare as it is a fairly new combination. Many are confused regarding the technology and how it is utilized in the healthcare industry. Majority of the biased perceptions are due to misunderstandings which focus mainly on the issue of information security.

There are a lot of advantages that are offered by cloud computing that is not possible at all times with on-site solutions including a requirement for authentication before access control is granted, redundancy of the data center and its high level of availability, advanced encryption, multi-tenant segmentation, security in both software and physical system and regulatory compliance.

There are proofs that cloud services will soon be utilized by security industry and other industries.

According to the CEO of Biscom, Bill Ho, people are of the notion that when a company is investing on a certain service or a particular application then they are planning to provide higher level of experience and a dedicated expertise to their customers.

There are a lot of cloud provides that provides tools as well as integration points for their clients to make sure that their applications and data are given the highest level of protection. This is to ensure that there will be no data loss and breaches in the future. The security that the cloud provider offers is only half of the equation because the remaining half still depends on the hospital as it is their responsibility to make sure their data assets are fully secured.

But according to the product marketing manager of a software company, Krishnan Subramanian, data isolation is not the way to prevent malware and threats from occurring. The number of hospitals that are transitioning to cloud computing is slowly increasing thus the security and IT department should be well aware that the responsibility for cyber security is delineating.

There should be a joint effort between the provider of cloud computing and healthcare in order to make sure that the data stored are all secured and no undesirable breaches are to happen in the future. Each of the party is responsible for securing their part of the equation.

Natural Ingredients That Will Make Your Skin Look Better

Majority of the skin care products nowadays are from lab-grown plants and herbs and most of them are mixed with chemicals in order to deliver the promised result. Not all consumers know that they can get the same effect from natural alternatives such as Zkin natural skin care products. There are simple ingredients from the forests and small berries that can be used to make one’s skin look better.

First is the Manuka Honey that according to a dermatologist based in Great Neck, New York, Jeannette Graf, is different from the antioxidants that can be found in other types of honey. The antioxidants that can be derived from manuka are quite strong thus it is not easily damaged. It is common to hear people claim about using honey in their skin care regimen. Honey is not actually applied on the face directly but when used as an ingredient in skin care products, the result is amazing especially if the manuka honey was gathered from either Australia or New Zealand. Graf also added that the manuka honey is a great moisturizer and has antibacterial properties that can eliminate acne.

Another ingredient is the bearberry which is also known as kinnikinnick, a word from Balderdash. It is the best option if you are looking for a natural skin brightener with optimum result. Aside from antioxidants, arbutin can also be extracted from bearberry and is very similar to hydroquinone which is an ingredient used in getting rid of dark spots. According to a dermatologist from Boca Raton, Florida, JordanaHerschthal, it has the tyrosinaseenzyme which is necessary in pigment production.

Bakuchiol is a natural ingredient that does the same job as retinol. It can smooth lines, eliminate acne and help remove spots. Ni’Kita Wilson is a cosmetic chemist and she said that bakuchiol is actually doing the same thing as retinol does but it does not dry up the skin. If you are aiming for anti-aging as well as skin brightening, bakuchiol is ideal much like Zkin natural skin care products because of the antioxidant present.

Ho Chi Min City In Need Of More Skilled Tourist Staff

Ho Chi Min City, also informally known as Saigon, is Vietnam’s largest city by population, with a bustling tourism scene, with 5 star hotels in Saigon being fairly commonplace due to the high tourist traffic that goes into the city. Naturally, this high tourist traffic has led to the city having a higher demand for qualified tourism staff, which has led to a bid of a staffing problem.

According to Vietnam’s National Tourism Administration, the city’s tourism sector needs a lot of new skilled workers for the industry’s labour pool, approximately 40,000 new workers ever year. A demand which wasn’t even close to being met last year, with only 15% of workers joining the tourism sector, with a mere 12% of that having a college education.

One of the investor for the Saigon River’s Elisa floating restaurant, Nguyen Hai Linh, however, pointed out that a degree in tourism was not a guarantee for a worker to get a job, pointing out that the demand for tourism staff was so high, companies and 5 star hotels in Saigon ended up rarely hiring tourism students, stating that students, while adept in the theories, were lacking in practical skills.

Another investor, this time for the Cathay hotel chain in the city, repeated that statement, saying that recruiting the right employees with degrees was difficult. The investor stated that a non-negligible percentage of Cathay hotels’ customers were foreigners, meaning that employees needed to have a good grasp of foreign language skills, which happen to be the one of the weakest skills of Vietnam’s students, a weakness tourism students are not exempt from.

The Ho Chi Minn City University of Culture’s Tourism Faculty dean, Mai Ha Phuong, stated that the somewhat lacking quality of tourism employees stemmed from the industry’s education lacking a proper curriculum.

She adds that that is a considerable problem, due to budget constraints and management mechanics, which prevents the institutions of the country from developing a good curriculum on their own, whilst simply buying a foreign curriculum was completely out of the question due to the differing programme in the universities and prohibitive cost.

Now in Ireland: Fees Need to Paid When Streaming Online

Internet streaming is a service that is one for the main venues for watching television shows, movies, and even news online. It has become such a trend in these current times that most, if not all, companies especially those in media have developed their own streaming service like BBC which released their iPlayer, a catch-up streaming service for radio and television in the United Kingdom, last December 25, 2007.

Since the release of these internet streaming services, the number of usage of television and the domestic channels have been dwindling as they tend to prefer watching on RTE or TV3. They visit online new sites via BBC iPlayer in Ireland and the likes to catch up on their current news and reports. This led to the government’s action which required the citizens to pay a charge when they want to watch on their gadgets including mobiles, tablets, laptops, and TV. It was first claimed that people will have to input their TV license number before they can access RTE or TV3 (Netflix not included so Irish Netflix users need not pay the levy). This would mean that those who watch online only and do not watch domestic channels will have no need to pay the fee. However, there are more people saying that they do not have TVs or they do not watch TV as noted by the government.

The government has relayed to the public that no decision has been made yet on this idea and has even pointed out that users in the UK have to provide their TV license number if they want to use and watch content via the BBC iPlayer. A spokesperson from BBC though disputed this statement and said that there is no need to access have a TV license number to access BBC iPlayer or any of its services. The licensing rule that was made effective in September 2016 made watching catch up shows on BBC iPlayer in Ireland (and other UK areas) illegal if they watch without payment. However, when they want to watch content on the BBC iPlayer, users were asked to declare if they a TV license or not. This action was done after the RTE director made a statement that the current fee should be doubled during a radio interview however, this was later retracted by a spokesperson from RTE stating that doubling the fee is nonsense.


Courier Company To Handle Collection Of Sindh Board Exam

A courier’s good for delivering things; messages, packages, etc. When you hand things over to an overnight courier service you are effectively putting your faith in that courier company, that they can get your package to where it needs to be as quickly as possible.

Considering how important board exams are, the Sindh Board of Technical Education has decided that a courier will handle the delivery of their exam’s question and answer sheets. The Pakistani institute’s chairperson, Dr. Masroor Sheikh, has stated that this move was prompted as a countermeasure against cheating in technical exams.

The exam will occur all over the Pakistani province of Sindh, starting at the 5th of April up until the 20th of April. Over 3,500 students have registered for the board exam, which will be held across 13 different locations throughout the province, five of which in Karachi.

According to Chairperson Sheikh, the SBTE has taken three primary steps have been taken as countermeasures to cheating for this year’s exam.  The chairperson has stated in an addendum that there is but a singular technical board in Sindh, unlike the matric and intermediate boards, which, on its own, holds responsibility for handling the examination, up to places as far as Daharki and Charchro, all from their location at Karachi.

The Chairperson has reiterated that the courier delivery service will handle the delivery of the examination papers a day prior to the exams, and that same company will then handle delivering the completed exam an hour after. Prior to this, the exams would take their time reaching the board office, which gave ample opportunity for all sorts of editing and cheating to occur. The courier service delivering the papers on the very next day following the exams is to prevent that.

Additionally, the board has also tasked its five regional directors. These five will supervise the exams, by paying a visit to the examination centres in closest proximity during the examination period.

They have yet to announce which courier company they’ll task with this burden, but it’s a rather strange use of an overnight courier service.

500 Billion Devices Connected To The Internet – A Dream For The Future

A decade ago, the number of devices that were connected to the internet was less than a billion. Now, the number is an overwhelming 20 billion and bound to increase in the coming years. Mobile computing, driverless connected cars and interactive refrigerators will be a reality in the years to come.

Since 1980, John Chambers, the executive Chairman of Cisco Systems became seriously involved in the internet infrastructure. This week, while on a Doha trip he was asked about the future of internet, what economies will be the leader in the next internet evolution and whether the Arab world has the potential to advance over other countries in terms of innovation.

Chambers presented his digital outlook for the future wherein the impact of the internet will be 3 to 5 times in the digital era. It can be called as the Fourth Revolution of technology or digital revolution because every country, city and company all over the world will turn to digital.

In terms of economic benefits, the digital revolution will generate about $19 – $21 trillion or 1 to 4% of the GDP of every country in the world. It will transform every city, country and industry and when the transformation is done right, it can be inclusive across the 7.5 billion world population.

France and India are making the effort to find creative methods to connect their societies. The Arab world will leapfrog and skip a generation in leadership which can probably bring peace in the Middle East through the power of digitization. Start-ups and middle-sized businesses will become much larger. This can be a dream or a reality.

According to Chambers, when Cisco started in 1984, there were only 1,000 devices connected to the internet. Today, there are 17 billion devices. In 10 years, the number of devices will likely reach 500 billion. The end result will be new business models.

If the goal of a business is efficiency, an indispensable tool is payroll management system that takes care of record keeping, payroll deductions, balancing and reconciling payroll data and verifying the accuracy of the payroll. When this function is automated, HR becomes more efficient and productive.

The Internet Ensures The Globalization Of Tech Work

Before the executive order limiting immigration from several countries, tech workers employed by the United States were outside the country and they stayed in touch through emails, social media, video conferencing and chat programs. Since most of the tech work was done through computers, it does not matter if the employee is inside the Google campus in Mountain View or waiting for a flight in Tehran.

There are no walls when it comes to creative intellectual work that can be done through a computer. Because of the upheaval caused by the executive order, it will become harder for tech companies to hire highly skilled foreign workers. However, the restrictions will only result into more tech workers working remotely. High paying software development jobs may move permanently to offshore companies. Eventually, big tech companies will decide to relocate to other countries that are more committed to openness.

It is inevitable that more jobs will be done overseas. For example, coding is one of the most popular jobs that are outsourced to other countries. At present, tech companies want their employees to work in the same room together because of the idea that proximity may inspire creativity. However, this is already an outdated idea that people have to work face-to-face in an overpriced office in Bay Area to create tech magic.

Some tech companies would certainly prefer to keep their teams intact than outsource the job elsewhere but there is no stopping the company if it wants to outsource the whole project. If skilled workers cannot be bought to the US, the entire company might as well be moved to another country.

This is already happening because some giant tech companies like Microsoft, Apple, Google, Facebook and Cisco have opened hubs in Canada. The success of technology depends on skill and this gives tech company’s the initiative to seek out talent no matter the nationality.

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