Cloud Protection Of Patient Information

It is common for myths and speculation to surround cloud computing and healthcare as it is a fairly new combination. Many are confused regarding the technology and how it is utilized in the healthcare industry. Majority of the biased perceptions are due to misunderstandings which focus mainly on the issue of information security.

There are a lot of advantages that are offered by cloud computing that is not possible at all times with on-site solutions including a requirement for authentication before access control is granted, redundancy of the data center and its high level of availability, advanced encryption, multi-tenant segmentation, security in both software and physical system and regulatory compliance.

There are proofs that cloud services will soon be utilized by security industry and other industries.

According to the CEO of Biscom, Bill Ho, people are of the notion that when a company is investing on a certain service or a particular application then they are planning to provide higher level of experience and a dedicated expertise to their customers.

There are a lot of cloud provides that provides tools as well as integration points for their clients to make sure that their applications and data are given the highest level of protection. This is to ensure that there will be no data loss and breaches in the future. The security that the cloud provider offers is only half of the equation because the remaining half still depends on the hospital as it is their responsibility to make sure their data assets are fully secured.

But according to the product marketing manager of a software company, Krishnan Subramanian, data isolation is not the way to prevent malware and threats from occurring. The number of hospitals that are transitioning to cloud computing is slowly increasing thus the security and IT department should be well aware that the responsibility for cyber security is delineating.

There should be a joint effort between the provider of cloud computing and healthcare in order to make sure that the data stored are all secured and no undesirable breaches are to happen in the future. Each of the party is responsible for securing their part of the equation.

Warning Issued Regarding Infected Ticks

A warning has been announced by the BCCDC or British Columbia Centre for Disease and Control regarding three ticks that have been collected in British Columbia starting June of this year. These ticks are found to be positive after testing with bacteria that is related to Lyme.

According to research conducted by BCCDC, the bacteria they have found are a close relative of the Borrelia mayonii or B. mayonii which is the latest discovery of species of bacteria that is responsible in causing Lyme disease in humans.

Up until this day, this was only confirmed to be positive in the Midwestern part of the United States. According to a statement from BCCDC, the species of bacteria that were discovered in the three ticks sample from British Columbia has a slight difference from those that were found in the United States. Furthermore, there has been no report of humans on British Columbia that have contacted Lyme disease because of the bacteria that resembles the B. mayonii.

The centre refers to the new bacteria as a rare discovery and they have already announced that further investigation is needed regarding the matter. The health risk that is presented by the newly discovered species is said to be very low at the moment.

The first tick that was used for sampling was taken from a dog back in June of this year. The dog is said to be camping in Lower Mainland along with its owner. Despite the fact that the tick was found to be positive with the new bacteria, it is physically well and no symptoms related to Lyme disease were discovered.

The second tick was taken from a child back in July of this year. The child is said to be bitten when he was in the Central Interior of British Columbia. The child remains healthy and exhibited no symptoms of the disease.

The third tick was removed from a dog located in the Lower Mainland back in September of this year. No symptoms of the disease were also found on the dog.

If you have problems with ticks, it is important to have it tested in the nearest centre and after which, call your local Ticks Control in Sydney.


Here’s How You Can Avert Plumbing Catastrophes This Holiday Season

The holidays are often described as the happiest times of the year but when faced with serious plumbing problems, it might ruin the excitement for you. Plumbing problems may appear at the most critical times. Imagine, your plumbing working well for a number of years but just when you are about to have guests over for dinner when all of a sudden, your ceilings leak.

Nobody is excited for plumbing catastrophes. In fact, most people would want to avoid such circumstances. That is why if you want to avoid a major catastrophe, make sure to call the plumber at the first sign of a problem. While waiting for a plumber, here’s what you can do.

  • It would be great if you know where the shut-off valves are located. Also, it helps a lot when you label them because these valves would be able to turn off a single fixture so that you and your family would still have access to other fixtures in your home.
  • Check the water shut-off valves to see if they are working. It is recommended that you do this 2 to 3 times a year.
  • Regular inspection and maintenance is always the key. That is why you should at least check your valves, pipes, faucets, and heaters for any signs of leaks. You would also need to check your ceilings and the walls for any signs of water damage. When you do find a leak, try to have them fixed as soon as possible.
  • Call on professionals to inspect your septic tanks as much as possible.
  • To avoid serious danger, make sure to place combustible or flammable materials away from the heater.
  • Smoke and carbon monoxide detectors would do you a great help if you install them in your home.
  • Never throw any material or substance that might damage or clog your drain.
  • Put screens on bathtub and shower drains so that fallen hair would not clog them.
  • Pipes can freeze during winter and when they do, there is a high chance for them to burst that is why you should cover your pipes with insulation.
  • When you see signs of trouble, call professionals like those at Capital Plumbing & Heating to help you out.

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