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Why Linkless Mentions Will Be Important To SEO

Instead of typing on the search bar, you can use voice search that works through speech recognition to search the web. Users won’t have the convenient links that they click on. What will happen to SEO? Surprisingly, linkless mentions will become more important to SEO. There are evidences That Google and Bing associate mentions to a brand or website without a link and uses it as a trust signal.

Links are very important to organic rankings. Studies reveal the strong correlation between link signals and SERF results. Google has also stated that PageRank remains a key ranking signal. Links certainly matter because they are a representation of a user’s trust. Since search engines are getting better at understanding sentiment, there is a real possibility that link mentions will eventually be weighed as heavily as actual links.

Bing is a little more straightforward than Google on how its ranking algorithm works that is why we all know that analysis of sentiment and social signals are part and parcel of its strategy. According to Bing, understanding sentiment is the key to understanding trust. In its Webmaster’s Guidelines, Bing states that social media plays a big role in today’s efforts to rank well in search results.

The most obvious role that social media plays is influence. If you are one of those who are socially influential, your followers will share information widely which Bing sees as positive signals. In the long run, these positive signals will impact on how your web page ranks organically.

Furthermore, at an SMX West event, a former senior product manager of Bing said that the search engine figures out context and sentiment of tone and associates mentions even without a link. As the volume of traffic grows because of the trustworthiness of the mention, rankings get a bump. Basically, if high quality content is published and is highly cited on the internet with people talking about it, this means that your brand or website is doing great.

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More Likes Advice And How To Get Them

In the world of Facebook, Instagram and other social media applications, likes and followers are everything. These likes and followers can even be converted into sales and profits, depending on how you are going to use these simple favors to your advantage. If you want to get more likes advice, here’s how you can get it.

Ask your network for ideas

To find out how you can get more likes advice, ask your friends in your network for strategies. There are those that employ the services of branding experts while there are those that invest on advertisement and giving out promotional items. Ask advice from those who have been in the industry for a considerable number of years for they are usually rich in experience and they know exactly how to steer their business to the right direction.

Engage more in your social media account

To encourage more likes and followers from your prospects, make your blog or Instagram account more interactive. Engage in conversations with your followers and guests in your account or blog post. This will encourage other people to join in the discussion especially if your topic is interesting. Make sure that you separate your personal Instagram account and your business account which is focused on branding and marketing. You don’t want your target customers and personal friends to get confused on your posts. You might also want to use the right hashtags to popularize your brand more. Post relevant and well-taken photos to make your account professional-looking and attractive.

Seek professional services

One of the best options that you have in order to get sound advice on how you can get more likes and followers on Instagram is by seeking professional advice from internet marketing experts. There are companies that can augment the number of likes and followers on your Instagram account and this dramatic increase can drive more traffic to your account and also attract more traffic from search engine. Getting more likes advice from professional more traffic increases your brand’s chance of converting followers into actual product endorsers.

The Declining Internet Freedom In Several Southeast Asian Nations

Because of the recent US presidential elections, the internet has been in the spotlight these past few weeks. While Americans have to suffer through fake news and annoying status updates, there are areas in this modern world where posting an opinion can result in jail time or worse. Internet freedom has certainly declined all over the world for the past 6 years because of censorship and government monitoring of messaging apps.

There are worst places to use internet than Southeast Asia but blogging about religious freedom is still taboo in Saudi Arabia and Bangladesh. Blogging about the controversial heir to the throne of Thailand could get censored because the laws prohibit any criticisms of the monarchy. Even international news agencies are allowed only to report that the former king is in the twilight years of his reign and not dying. Any tweets, Facebook posts or personal messages that criticize the military government can lead to jail time or detention.

In Vietnam, internet users have learned the importance of self-censorship because the government has become unpredictable with its list of banned topics. It is better to stay away from controversial topics to avoid being blocked. Facebook has been blocked on several occasions as well as some web pages.

In Malaysia, internet freedom is also on the decline after the government censored news reports and information about the massive corruption scandal that involves their prime minister. Major newspapers have been blocked from reporting stories. Bloggers and writers can end up in trouble for any criticisms on Islam.

Indonesia that has the world’s largest Muslim democracy does not like online content regarding LGBT. In 2014, messaging app LINE was pressured to remove its LGBT content. In Cambodia, the low-grade internet repression is using different tactics so as not to attract international attention particularly the foreign press. A Facebook user received an 18-month prison sentence for a colour revolution to change the cheap regime running Cambodian society.

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Why Businesses Should Use Instagram For Online Marketing

For businesses, it may seem weird to be posting images on social media platforms; but surprisingly, it works. Instagram is now considered as the fastest growing social media platform with more than half a billion users. From these enormous numbers of users, many are potential customers, employers and business partners. If your business has not yet opened an account on Instagram, you are missing many opportunities.

When a business posts visual content it is very likely to be shared 40 times in social media. This ensures that the brand gets a fair share of online exposure. However, there are several factors to be considered when using Instagram for marketing purposes.

• Advertising is different from Instagramming – this means that you have to gain the interest of the target audience through presentation of pleasing content with the advertising message kept in the background. The primary objective is to generate a loyal following; purchases will follow organically.

• Build a connection by being authentic – post a mix of professional images and some candid shots. You can use images of the brand but give the audience a glimpse of personal life.

• Images tell a story – pictures should not feel like they are being staged; paint a real picture of what happens in daily life. Interconnect posts through stories that your followers can engage with.

• Align your product with other brands – you can broaden the follower base if you bring two brands in a single photo; hashtagging will ensure an increase in new followers particularly if it is shareable.

• Quality is more important than quantity – the business may not be able to post stunning shots similar to those of National Geographic but you can make your Instagram account the best it could be by posting quality images only. People respond well to quality images that stir a sense of pride.

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Bookup.Asia Release Plastic Surgery Infographic

Bookup.Asia have released a new infographic about celebrity plastic surgery winners and losers. To read the accompanying content they publish please visit this page.


Bookup Asia Infographic

Google Released Mobile Friendly Update

We met up with the people behind PWD and found out regarding Google’s new update which was geared to be more mobile friendly and how it will impact web design.

It was around 2 months ago when Google released a warning that they will be rolling out a new algorithm update which is designed to be more mobile friendly. The update was launched last April 21. Though it was feared by many website owners that their traffic will be greatly affected, the update was meant to the opposite. Google’s main goal in launching this new update is to make sure that all mobile users will have a better experience.

Since Google is aware that most mobile users are complaining because they went to do a search on their browser only to find out that their phones can’t fully access the website. In order to remedy this problem, Google launched this update which will remove websites that are not user friendly on the search engine and prioritize those that are. This is all to make sure the users will have a better experience.

The press has gone on to call the new update as Mobilegeddon. Here are some of the most important facts regarding the update which is useful for those websites that were affected by the new algorithm.

– Ever since the increase of mobile users, Google has shown its interest in providing mobile-friendly solutions. The company has also been clear about what is needed for a site to be treated as mobile friendly. If you don’t know if your web site is mobile friendly, Google has launched a tool that could test the website and point out the issues regarding the non-mobile friendliness of a site. The tool may be searched online.

– The new update will only affect the search engine results of all mobile phone users. Thing remain unchanged for those searching using their browser. This means your website will only feel the impact if most of your visitors is using their mobile phones when checking in. If only a few part of your income comes from mobile users then it wouldn’t be necessary to change the web site.

Facebook’s Fairness Being Questioned Due To Free Access Limitations

January 20, 2015 — Questions regarding Facebook’s fairness are being raised ever since it had launched its campaign last 2013.

The campaign aims to provide free internet connectivity and social benefit by partnering with local platforms to areas that are still developing when it comes to internet necessity. Facebook has also received moderate success when it had launched an earlier zero rate campaign aimed at several countries in Latin America and in Africa back in 2010.

To make it simple, Facebook wanted its users to gain access to it and other select services for free and without any network data usage charge.

The free-access campaign launched by Facebook also includes a number of services that includes news, health and job information. Unfortunately, as promising as it may sound, its usefulness and fairness are still being debated.

Though it is a good way to present the internet to people who are unable to afford it, the so-called ‘benefits’ it provides are in scrutiny and critical exploration since the free-access has limitations and is only allowed on certain areas. Users would still be charged if they stray from the free-access service of Facebook and venture into other sites and content which are also linked to Facebook. Another concern is the prioritizing by various network operators to certain applications giving them an unfair advantage in marketing since larger firms will be able to outdo smaller ones like what is being experienced in the West.

Many are also questioning whether Facebook is the only entity to have entered the free-access campaign or if it is withholding other sites and entities from joining in. The biggest question that needs answering is now whether “free-access” is the best way of giving people affordable accessibility to the internet.

Although the internet has played a great part in the modern society, only 42% of the world’s population is able to access it effectively leaving 4.3 billion people without access to it. Most of these people are from developing countries in Asia, Africa and Latin America. The reason for this is due to the lack of use for the internet in these countries as well as affordability issues.



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