Technology Changing Homework And Classrooms

Technology has affected how people do their day-to-day lives. From driving to offices to cooking in kitchens, from how research to entertainment is done, all of it is affected by technology. The classroom is not exempted from the influence of technology too.

Increased use of technology in classrooms

Technology has influenced classrooms with 97% of teachers having a minimum of one computer in the classroom, as of 2009. In addition, for those computers, 93% have access to the internet that students and teachers can use. In fact, the ratio for students to computers is 5.3 to one. There is a big increase in the past twenty years.

The general effect of technology in schools

Teachers and students find that the increase in technology availability is generating positive outcomes when it comes to the learning environment. For teachers in Pre-K to 12th grades, 74% mention that technology has helped expand and reinforce the contents that they are teaching. Students in the same percentage report that technology is part of a motivator in the learning process.

Writing and technology

A majority of teachers and students say that digital technology has allowed their writing abilities to be shared with a wider and more diverse audiences. This statement is strongly agreed by 52%. Seventy- nine percent of students who write also agree that technology encourages collaboration.

Technology as a homework helper

Almost one-third of those surveyed say that they use tablets for their homework. Sixty-five percent are using laptops. In addition, 39% of fourteen year olds, 42% of 6th graders, and 57% of 8th graders all say they use smartphones to finish their homework.

Technology alters the learning order

Technology is also altering the way teachers and students are receiving, processing and using information to meet their learning standards and goals. Instead of hearing a lecture at school then doing homework based from the lecture, the process has now changed. Students now watch video lectures for their homework. Then, they go to class and receive help with activities or projects, or take exams. This new process helps students having difficulty with learning to truly learn the information.


Indeed, technology and the internet have brought about many changes for learning and education. If anyone is looking for an application that solves mathematical problems from a picture or an assignment writing service in Canada, technology enables this through computers and the internet.


How To Protect Your Timing Belt In Brisbane

Your vehicle’s timing belt is one of the most important parts of your vehicle. As the name suggests, it connects your vehicle’s crankshaft and camshaft and keeps your engine working perfectly in perfect harmony. If your Timing Belt in Brisbane would break, your wheels will not rotate and will render your car useless. A timing belt is not only important in your car’s function; it is also one of its most expensive parts. To avoid any inconvenience on your day to day activities and on your wallet, keep your timing belt protected and in good shape. Here’s how:

Regular replacement

Check your vehicle’s mileage. When it reaches to 80,000 to 160,000 kilometres or roughly around five to eight years, consider it having replaced. Your car would simply stop right in the middle of your driving and this can be challenging. Although timing belt is made of heat-resistant and durable rubber, it will still eventually break with constant use. Mileage varies from one car to another and it would be safe if you have your vehicle regularly checked by a licensed mechanic to avoid getting caught off guard.

Hire licensed mechanic

For the replacement and service needs of your Timing Belt in Brisbane, only hire a qualified mechanic. Some of the things that you need to check are the mechanic’s license. Your car is a pricey investment and you don’t want to entrust its repair or check up in the hands of a mechanic with questionable credentials. Apart from the credentials, you should also verify if the mechanic has the necessary tools to perform the required job. Also, you might want to ask if the mechanic has the experience in replacing a timing belt and how long has he been in the industry.

Replacing a Timing Belt in Brisbane can be costly and inconvenient. If you noticed that your car no longer starts immediately as it used to more so if your car already has high mileage, have it checked by a mechanic right away. You should also do so when you notice that your car is emitting more exhaust than it normally does.


Competing In The World Of Motorcycle Design

Roland Sands, a motorcycle design businessman, was a racer who broke track records while riding and a few bones while crashing. He already retired at 29 and has gone to working full time in his dad’s Motorcycle parts business. When his dad’s business got sold, he opened Roland Sands Designs. Roland Sands Designs creates custom parts, accessories and apparel. Today at age 41, he is one of the motorcycle industry’s successful businessmen. He is also one of the most esteemed designers having just completed designs for Indian Motorcycle, BMW, and others.

Racing and life prior to Roland Sands Designs

Sands already rode motorcycles as young as 5 years old. He also started to join races at age 16. He later established himself at the Antelope Valley’s Willow Springs International Raceway. For Sands, it was fun to be able to win but it came with crashing and some fixing for broken parts. As an independent, 19 yr old Sands found racing and repairing his bikes as a full-time job. He worked for his dad’s business, Performance Machine which is a Motorcycle parts company.

The beginning of Roland Sands Designs

Sands began with designing wheels for Performance Machine while still a teenager. After retirement, he had become a company officer. He eventually became the director of R&D and design. After learning of his father’s intention to sell Performance Machine, he got busy. He already created some Roland Sands Designs products sold through Performance catalogs. He accelerated his design process when he competed and won in Discovery Channel’s Biker Build Off.

Roland Sands Designs today

Today, his business has a retail outlet located in Los Alamitos. Customers can go through numerous branded jackets, caps, gloves, T-shirts and jeans next to gas caps, exhaust pipes and air cleaners. The company sells 7,000 jackets yearly and 5,000 pairs of gloves alongside performance parts for big motorcycle brands like Harley-Davidson. Behind the retail store, there are work bays for bikes to be customized priced between $25,000 – $175,000 each build. In the offices located upstairs, the marketing teams are coordinating events and promotional videos and conducting photo shoots for the company’s products and other clients.

Bridging The Language Barrier Through Technology

Language used to be a great barrier in effective communication among people from different countries. For one to understand a foreign language and speak it fluently, going to a language learning school will be required. However, language barrier is a thing of the past because of technological innovations. Recently a gadget was launched to allow two people who speak a different language to understand each other.

Pilot has introduced earphones that resemble Babel Fish in “Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy” wherein two people who speak a different language understand each other. In the book, Babel Fish was used by Arthur Dent to understand the language of the beings that he encountered during his travels. Babel Fish was a small, leech-like yellow fish that is placed in the ear to understand what a being is saying in his own language. The Babel Fish removed all the barriers to communication.

Pilot’s gadget is supposed to be a smart earpiece that can translate between two languages. The wearable technology that was developed by Waverly Labs will allow two people who speak a different language to understand each other easily. The technology used was not explained clearly except that it is using translation technology. The New York-based company came up with the idea after one of their technicians met a French girl he wanted to communicate with.

Other companies have also developed technologies to remove language barriers. Google translate apps can easily translate what you are saying on your phone so that you will be understood by the other party in real time. Skype caters to seven languages and can translate calls using the language. Microsoft in the UK claims that within the next 5 years, translation to different languages will be possible through a smartphone.

However, all these technological gadgets are artificial intelligence for communication. People who want to learn a foreign language like English still requires teachers that will help in reaching the end goal. Tefl Thailand is the best option to gain a high paying job as an English teacher. TEFL certification which is an internationally recognized certification will be within your easy reach through Tefl Thailand.

Internet Access For Developing Countries Through Facebook Innovations

Facebook is a social networking company that is very popular all over the world. However, Facebook does not rest on its laurels but continues to pursue innovations to deliver internet access to mobile phones. Facebook believes that the recent technology called ARIES will set a new world record of efficiently transmitting data signals through the air so that it can deliver wireless internet to developing regions in Africa, India and other parts of the world.

According to the vice-president of Facebook infrastructure the technologically driven wireless transmission is more affordable than dragging fiber and power lines into the rural areas and setting up the traditional antenna systems called base stations. ARIES is shortened term for Antenna Efficiency in Spectrum which is an example of a complex and seemingly outrageous hardware that will expand internet access.

Facebook has also unveiled a wireless antenna system called Terragraph that is designed to expand and improve both Wi-Fi and cellular phone signals in cities. To provide connectivity in remote areas that are far from urban places, Facebook will build flying drones and communication lasers. The company has invested so much money so that people can gain access to the internet as well as Facebook. However, Facebook has no plans of selling the stuff because it will be sharing the innovation to the world for free. Facebook does not plan to set up and operate antennas of its own so that others can build and modify the hardware to expand the reach of internet.

Terragraph will provide a method of distribution for high bandwidth signal within dense urban areas while eliminating the need for expensive fiber lines between antennas. The Terragraph system will not just provide wireless signal to tablets and smartphones, antennas will be able to wirelessly communicate with each other without fiber lines. Terragraph hopes to deliver access speeds of about a gigabit per second.

On a different note, Illustrated Maps that were popularly used years ago remain to be a tool used by school campuses to market their services. Illustrated Maps can provide users with an interesting experience while viewing a campus map because of the creative details and geographical presentations.

Enjoying An Iceland Adventure Through Airport Transfers

Link Airport provides a brief insight on the importance of airport transfers and corporate transfers for busy executives. A chauffeured luxury car is a better option for corporate executives and businessmen because aside from a comfortable journey to the destination, the corporate traveler can enjoy the luxurious amenities that are part of the car hire package. With the diverse fleet of vehicles, there is wide range of choice for personalized transport service.

Travel for either business or leisure has become a significant part of a modern lifestyle. However, it is very important for travelers to stay safe and comfortable whenever they are traveling because things can easily go wrong. An important part of travel is to eliminate the risks of situations occurring by pre-trip planning and preparation.

For the first time traveler to Iceland, it is suggested to hire airport transfers with Blue Car Rental. There are options for a pickup at the Keflavik International Airport or at your hotel at Reykjavik for a nominal charge. If you are travelling with the family or a large group of friends, being met at the airport with a shuttle takes out the sting from the journey most particularly when you visit Iceland during winter when it might be cold and dark.

Many visitors have qualms about driving directly to the hotel because they are excited to look at the sights. Aside from the airport transfer, the luxury car hire provides services that include driving to Reykjavik landmarks or Iceland’s country sights. There is also an option provided by the car hire service that includes pick up at the hotel to save you from the hassle of calling for a taxi service. Many visitors choose the option of car hire in Iceland because it gives them ample time to enjoy the city.

To get the most out of your Iceland adventure, you have a wide range of choice from economy cars to large luxury vehicles suitable for families and large groups. There are also rugged four-wheel drives that can handle an Iceland adventure during winter. It is also handy for airport transfer.

Facebook’s Solar Powered Internet Planes To Provide Internet Access To Remote Regions

With technology evolving, it is critical for self-storage owners and operators of facilities like Good Storage Manchester to be tech savvy otherwise they will be left out in the competition. Operators can make a choice among different Windows-based software applications for their day to day operations and advanced reporting. Websites can be optimized for search engines to gain organic search results. Technology can be used to the fullest to achieve business success.

The growing dependence on internet technology as the backbone of a global society is unprecedented. Global trade and finance are now reliant on the internet as well as the success of many industries. In 2013, Facebook launched a non-profit organization called with the goal of providing internet access to 60% of the world or 4 billion people who do not have internet connection.

Last Thursday, Facebook announced two major milestones; Facebook’s Connectivity Lab that has prototyped a full-scale-solar-powered aircraft and a lab-tested laser with the capability to deliver data at tens of GB per second. These two major milestones can be used to transmit wireless internet to most remote regions where there is limited or no internet access.

About 10% of the world’s populations live in areas where it is not considered cost-effective to build internet infrastructures on the ground like cell towers, microwave repeaters or fiber optic cables. Flying laser-equipped planes would be a cost effective and feasible option. According to a Facebook blog post, the intention in not to build and operate networks but to quickly advance the state of technology where they will become solutions for operators to deploy.

The company’s aerospace team in the United Kingdom built the plane that is called “Aguila” with a wingspan that is the same as a Boeing 737. Hypothetically, the solar-powered aircraft will be able to fly for 90 straight days with a 50-kilometer communication radius. The unmanned aerial vehicles will be operating above terrestrial crafts and below satellites where free space optical communications are possible.

The planes alone are not enough that is why Facebook is developing lasers that can deliver data 10 times faster than anything out there to tiny targets that are the size of the dime to more than 10 miles away.

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