Well-Known Viking Warrior Is Actually A Woman

A dramatic funeral was given to a popular Viking warrior and it was evident in the remains of the tall fighter. Next to the body is the carefully arranged full suite composed of heavy weaponry used in battles. During the interment ritual, two high-priced horses have been used as a sacrifice. Thanks to the map illustrations that were created during the funeral, experts nowadays are able to decipher the burial site for the modern archives.

Aside from the weaponry and horses, the buried corpse came with an intricate game set that contains board and pieces. The game set is placed on the lap of the warrior.

The burial is also a revelation to the modern times as to what an actual Viking warrior means during their time. The burial site is the first that has been found in a town called Birka in Sweden back in the 1880s.

This is not the only amazing discovery they have unearthed as there is also something special with the hero that has been fighting during a time when stealing from long boats is very common.

According to the American Journal of Physical Anthropology, they found out that the corpse of the warrior belongs to a woman around 30 years of age.

Based on the report regarding the study, they were able to determine the high status of a male warrior after seeing a grave in Bj 581 located in Birka. The image of the male fighter during the time of the patriarchs was further strengthened by backed up research regarding their traditions and the assumption that modern times have. This is the main reason why the biological sex of the corpse was not given much attention. Well, not until today.

According to Charlotte Hedenstierna-Jonson, the head of the studies conducted by Stockholm and Uppsala Universities, they were able to study that the Valkyrie is not one that is expected from tell tales saga but it was of a military leader in real life and it was actually a woman. This revelations were made possible by the map illustrations that comes with burial sites that are used in modern studies.

Natural Ingredients That Will Make Your Skin Look Better

Majority of the skin care products nowadays are from lab-grown plants and herbs and most of them are mixed with chemicals in order to deliver the promised result. Not all consumers know that they can get the same effect from natural alternatives such as Zkin natural skin care products. There are simple ingredients from the forests and small berries that can be used to make one’s skin look better.

First is the Manuka Honey that according to a dermatologist based in Great Neck, New York, Jeannette Graf, is different from the antioxidants that can be found in other types of honey. The antioxidants that can be derived from manuka are quite strong thus it is not easily damaged. It is common to hear people claim about using honey in their skin care regimen. Honey is not actually applied on the face directly but when used as an ingredient in skin care products, the result is amazing especially if the manuka honey was gathered from either Australia or New Zealand. Graf also added that the manuka honey is a great moisturizer and has antibacterial properties that can eliminate acne.

Another ingredient is the bearberry which is also known as kinnikinnick, a word from Balderdash. It is the best option if you are looking for a natural skin brightener with optimum result. Aside from antioxidants, arbutin can also be extracted from bearberry and is very similar to hydroquinone which is an ingredient used in getting rid of dark spots. According to a dermatologist from Boca Raton, Florida, JordanaHerschthal, it has the tyrosinaseenzyme which is necessary in pigment production.

Bakuchiol is a natural ingredient that does the same job as retinol. It can smooth lines, eliminate acne and help remove spots. Ni’Kita Wilson is a cosmetic chemist and she said that bakuchiol is actually doing the same thing as retinol does but it does not dry up the skin. If you are aiming for anti-aging as well as skin brightening, bakuchiol is ideal much like Zkin natural skin care products because of the antioxidant present.

Ho Chi Min City In Need Of More Skilled Tourist Staff

Ho Chi Min City, also informally known as Saigon, is Vietnam’s largest city by population, with a bustling tourism scene, with 5 star hotels in Saigon being fairly commonplace due to the high tourist traffic that goes into the city. Naturally, this high tourist traffic has led to the city having a higher demand for qualified tourism staff, which has led to a bid of a staffing problem.

According to Vietnam’s National Tourism Administration, the city’s tourism sector needs a lot of new skilled workers for the industry’s labour pool, approximately 40,000 new workers ever year. A demand which wasn’t even close to being met last year, with only 15% of workers joining the tourism sector, with a mere 12% of that having a college education.

One of the investor for the Saigon River’s Elisa floating restaurant, Nguyen Hai Linh, however, pointed out that a degree in tourism was not a guarantee for a worker to get a job, pointing out that the demand for tourism staff was so high, companies and 5 star hotels in Saigon ended up rarely hiring tourism students, stating that students, while adept in the theories, were lacking in practical skills.

Another investor, this time for the Cathay hotel chain in the city, repeated that statement, saying that recruiting the right employees with degrees was difficult. The investor stated that a non-negligible percentage of Cathay hotels’ customers were foreigners, meaning that employees needed to have a good grasp of foreign language skills, which happen to be the one of the weakest skills of Vietnam’s students, a weakness tourism students are not exempt from.

The Ho Chi Minn City University of Culture’s Tourism Faculty dean, Mai Ha Phuong, stated that the somewhat lacking quality of tourism employees stemmed from the industry’s education lacking a proper curriculum.

She adds that that is a considerable problem, due to budget constraints and management mechanics, which prevents the institutions of the country from developing a good curriculum on their own, whilst simply buying a foreign curriculum was completely out of the question due to the differing programme in the universities and prohibitive cost.

3 Tips In Choosing Cloakroom Vanity Units

There are numerous types of vanity sink designs but if you have limited space, go for cloakroom vanity units. They are just like any other vanity units but are smaller in type to provide excellent solution for small bathroom space while maintaining hygiene in the area. You can find this type of vanity units in the internet or even in your local home shops or furniture stores. To help you find the perfect unit for you, take a look at these ideas.

Factor in your bathroom space

Before you purchase one of those cloakroom vanity units, make sure to measure your bathroom’s floor area or where you intend to place the unit. You don’t want your vanity sink to take up much of your space or purchase an oversized vanity unit that will make it hard for you to move around in your bathroom. Aside from the bathroom area, check the measurement of the unit to find out if it can be accommodated in your bathroom.

Consider its functionality

Vanity units, generally, have two functions. One is to have it as utility cabinet for bathroom items such as towels, supplies of soap, shampoo, body wash and other toiletries. The other purpose of having a vanity unit is to add an aesthetic value in your bathroom. There are vanity units with more drawers and storage space while there are those that are simpler especially the smaller units.

Choose a good design  

Another point in choosing cloakroom vanity units is its design. Choose a vanity sink that will complement the overall theme of your bathroom. If your bathroom is designed in contemporary style, pick a modern vanity unit. If your wall painting is light colored, choose a vanity unit with darker shade. There are vanity units for every style. If your bathroom’s theme is Victorian, an elaborate vanity unit or a marble one will be more suitable. For modern styled bathroom, choose one with tapered sink. No matter what design you choose, always consider the overall harmony of your furnishings to achieve a more pleasing visual appearance of your bathroom.

Make Anything Happen With Teamwork

Teamwork is capability to strive together toward a universal goal. This is the art of expressing each individual talent to be utilize for a common cause. It is a force that combines common people to achieve a greater outcome. There are few secrets in achieving the best collaboration among team players.

Build up faith and commitment. If each individual trusts everyone on the team, continuity will take effect. All hesitations will be avoided when you know that you can depend on your teammates for help and assistance. A committed member will put the team’s sake a top priority. True dedication result to better output.

Give them a vital role in the hiring process. Allow members of the team to sit in on an interview for that vacant post. Ask their opinion about what they think of the applicant. Since they are the workforce, they would be able to tell you exactly what you need to add to the team.

Delegate the task. Each individual has their own capabilities. Not everyone is great at everything. Assign each role to the person that can deliver. You can have divide them into smaller teams to convey and provide a better solution.

Hear their thoughts. In planning for an event, let everyone input their opinions. Engage them on activities that will awaken their analytical minds. Make them realize that their ideas and aspirations are welcome. Show them that their voices are heard and appreciated.

Boost Socialization. Give time for team members to acquaint themselves with each other. Create a team building for everyone to engage and know each other well. Knowing the weaknesses and strengths of one another will enable them to address each weakness and make use of each strength accordingly.

Being unique is good. Diversity in the workplace is an advantage for the company. People with different perspective and beliefs can provide variety of ideas. As a result, better planning and execution may take place.

Be one of them. Knowing what it feels like to be a common member of the team will give you the idea on how to deal with them better. You will be able to see things in their viewpoint and understand them more. Be able to adjust and encourage them to work hand in hand with each other to attain your common goal.

How To Start Your Photoshop Editing Career

There are numerous computer programs and applications nowadays but Photoshop by Adobe remains an in demand application that allows graphic designers and illustrators to enhance their works. Photoshop is like doing magic tricks and if you want to start learning how to do the magic trick, your best option is to take Photoshop training courses. Here are some tips on how you can jumpstart your photo editing career.

Find a trusted learning institute

One of the things that you should look for is a learning centre where you can take Photoshop courses. You can find several online learning institutes and even in your locality. If you have found some viable centres, find out if they have certain standards that guarantee better learning experience. One of these is the academic and professional background of the instructors. You should also check the number of hours the training would take and the sign up fees for the course. Find out if the training centre has high number of enrolees and if the instructors are certified.

Choose your Photoshop course

If you have already decided where you will take the course, the next step is to determine which of the available Photoshop training courses you are going to take. Assess your knowledge level to help you decide. If you do not have basic knowledge on Photoshop, take the basic or primary course. At the same time, if you are already a professional but want to enhance your Photoshop skills, there are courses suited to your level. Check the offered courses on the website to determine of them are suited for you.

Pick the right training delivery for you

If you have already determined the right training course for you, the next step is to choose a training mode. You can opt for walk-in or Mentored Learning where you will go to the training institute to take your lessons while there are trainings where schedules are set by the learning institution and it is conducted through a publicly scheduled training. There are also Photoshop training courses that can be taken at your preferred time and location.

How To Get Quality Budget Accommodation In Bangkok

The usual impression is, cheap things are low in quality. It may be true for some but there are ways to get snag a good deal on budget accommodation in Bangkok without compromising the quality of service and the room where you will stay in. All it takes is a good research skills and planning ahead of your scheduled trip. To get an impressive room accommodation without breaking your budget, take a look at these tips:

Compare rates

Nothing beats a good research. Even if you have the money to pay for a better room accommodation, it always pays to visit different websites in order to compare the rates, services and the inclusions that go with the price. If you will book longer, it would be best to ask for cost estimates from different hotels. Consider also the location of the hotel and your intended activities. If you intend to visit midnight markets and its nearby temples and ancient museums, look for a budget accommodation in Bangkok that is located in Bangkok’s business area. Set a budget for your hotel and filter your search to the amount.

Read reviews

In order to get a good accommodation without breaking the bank, read reviews by other customers. Take note that hotel managers would make their website attractive to customers so do not rely on what you see and read on the website. Always validate the claims of hotel owners by reading reviews from discussion boards and online forums.

Book in advance

One of the secrets to getting a good deal is by booking ahead. Hotels usually offer discounts on advance booking. This way, you get a better accommodation at a much lower price. The advantage of booking ahead is that you can be sure that you will have a budget accommodation in Bangkok during your travel. Advance booking is also beneficial when your scheduled trip is on a holiday season or during the summer. Because of Thailand’s mesmerizing beaches, their hotels are usually booked during summers when their waters are mostly crystal clear and breathtaking.

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