Types Of Services Required When You Need Your Trees Removed

There are different types of services that you can access from service providers if you need your trees removed. The type of service that you would access depends on your need. If you are not sure what exactly is it that your tree needs, consult an expert arborist today. But before that, to give you a short background on how you can improve your landscape or save the trees in your area, take a look at the following services.

Tree Lopping 

Some trees do not have to be removed. Some of them merely need some modification or adjustments in height, growth and shape. This technique is called tree lopping. The method involves cutting sections or part of the tree such as its branches and trunk for the tree to be fitted to the type of appearance you want for your landscape or garden. Generally, tree lopping is ideal for beautification purposes.

Tree Removal

If you need your trees removed, call the experts. Although you can do it by yourself, the most practical way to do it is by hiring skilled tree workers because they have the training and equipment to complete the job. These tree cutters are experienced enough to ensure that no damage to your property will be incurred as they perform the task. Should accidents happen, you can rest assured that these cutters will cover the repair and expenses if proven that the incident happen due to their negligence.


Pruning is the art of removing tree sections that are already starting to decay or are already dead and damage. To prevent further injury, that section would be removed to allow a new branch to grow or for the area to recover and regains its health and beauty.

General Maintenance

Even if you don’t need your trees removed, it would still be ideal to have your trees regularly checked and managed by skilled arborist. This will prevent future damages to your property and the prevention of death among your trees. If you have a large estate, you would need the expertise of a reputable arborist.


Elon Musk Is Planning The Space Internet Project

Elon Musk announced his plan of creating a “Space Internet”. The billionaire technology entrepreneur is planning to provide hundreds of satellites which will enable the whole world to have access to Internet – cheaper and faster than what people are used to.

The Space Internet Project is said to be using the $15 billion fund in order to put up hundreds of satellites. The satellites will be strategically placed 750 miles above the planet Earth and will be situated far lower compared to existing communications satellites.

The height will ensure a faster speed transfer and a wider coverage for all three billion humans who do not currently have the access to Internet. The Internet speed will be as fast as those provided through fibre optic cables despite the distance it will travel from the satellites to Earth.

According to Elon Musk, the project’s long term goal is to provide long distance Internet traffic as well as to give access to those who do not have Internet. If completed, the system will be the largest in providing global communication, defeating any current technologies available.

The project was announced by Mr. Musk during the opening of its offices in Seattle.

The project was undertaken by a rocket company called SpaceX. SpaceX will be the one to provide for the International Space Station. In its initial phase, 60 people will be working on the project and the number could rise up to a thousand after a few years.

Mr. Musk feels the need of providing for Mars’ global communication network, if and when the human colony is established there. The first satellite is estimated to be finished after five years.

In the meantime, OneWeb is already invested in by Sir Richard Branson. The project aims to put up around 648 micro satellites that will give humans access to high-speed internet as well as telephone services – both from space. Sir Richard expects the project to be the largest satellite network in the globe.

LauncherOne, currently being built by Virgin Galactic, will be used to place the satellites into orbit.
Sir Richard is claiming there is no space for Mr. Musk’ project and that they should tie up if they want both of their plans to be completed.

Compared to decades ago, satellites can now be built at a much lesser cost, making the project a realistic one for the public.

Sir Richard and Mr. Musk are not the only competitors. Google is also in on the race for providing worldwide Internet by a project called Project Loon which will utilize hot air balloons. While the Facebook founder, Mark Zuckerberg, is exploring other options such as satellites, giant drones and lasers.

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