Creating Cool Maps Using These Web Tools

These are third party web tools which are designed to help create a customizable Google Maps mashup.

Mapping tools to consider

Map Builder

In Map Builder, a location using a zip code, or a city and state can be picked. When the tool locates the latitude and longitude, it gives the choice of adding a caption and description, as well as picking a color and a marker design.


This allows its user to mark a favorite location, to share a hotspot with others and to simply add a landmark or a point of interest. Pictures can also be uploaded to the map. Content can be added using the site’s menu system.


This is designed to make maps that are for public use. A user can add public transit routes, as well as modify previously created mas by others.


To use Pixagogo, a user needs to look for a photo in the computer’s hard drive, upload it, create a description, add the location of the photo and the app will then add it to the map.


This allows a user to draw some lines over in a map. One can pick various markers and also add the descriptions to the map points. Once zoomed in at a street level, it is known that it allows a route to be mapped.


This assists with planning an event in a specific area. It automatically detects a user’s location, but this can be changed to any city. When in the chosen city, the user can search for the event’s location, add a marker and share it with those invited. Directions can also be added.


For this tool, aside from just adding points, a user can also upload photos and videos. Notes to landmarks can also be added. If a user intends to track the map, the tool allows visitors to create their profile, as well as add their location.


Although these are fairly easier ways of creating maps, not those especially creative and personalized Illustrated Maps, these are still good tools to start with map making especially when the purpose is as simple as event mapping or geotagging.

3 Human Hair Extensions Applications

If you are wondering why celebrities have jet black straight hair on their last week’s appearance and a full and voluminous curly hair the other night; the answer to that is hair extension. There are several reasons why more and more women go for human hair extensions or remy hair. While most people think that hair extensions are merely for extending the hair’s length, there are actually more reasons than that. Some of these include the following:

Achieve extra volume and fullness

Nowadays, limp and thin hair is no longer the “in thing”. Women want to have bouncy hair with body and volume to flaunt around. If you have naturally thin hair, hair extensions are right for you. This is particularly true if you have tried different ways to achieve volume such as teasing, curling and even using hair products but nothing seems to work. Voluminous hair is sexy and when you feel sexy, it adds confidence which naturally exudes from the way you move. To be more confident, human hair extensions is the right option for you.

Experiment with different hairstyles

If you are not sure which hairstyle looks perfect on you and you don’t want to risk cutting your hair to a hairstyle that you might regret, trying on different human hair extensions can be a great idea. There are different types of hair extensions with different application methods that you can experiment and try without any risks. Trying different hair styles with the use of hair extensions is also perfect if your hair is not too cooperative or if it is too short and too thin. The good thing about remy hair extensions from Russia is that you can cut it and treat it like a natural, live hair without apprehensions.

Try out hair colors

Since you can treat human hair extensions like your very own hair, you can color it then wash it the next day and try it with another color. And since you are doing it on your extension, you are not exposing yourself to potential harmful chemicals that may be contained in hair colors.


App Allows Anyone To Call Any Number In The World – For Free

Who knew that the advent of the internet based calling or VOIP made the traditional calling’s life complicated? Things are becoming more interesting but also trickier with the high speed internet being available anywhere in the world, offered in public hotspots or Wi-Fi. Still, telecommunication giants increase their rates remarkably.

Now, there is finally a solution that seems too good to be true – an application which allows its users to make calls to anyone on any number in the world. This is also free. Anyone is able to call internationally. Likewise, calls to landline numbers are possible. The app is available for download in both iOS and Android.

A new app that allows calls for free to anywhere in the world

CallPal has bridged the gap between VOIP and the traditional calling. Rustam Singh from Entrepreneur India checks the app and has found out the following information.

Key Features

  • It is absolutely free to call to any number.
  • The call recipients will not need to install the app.
  • The call recipients will still see a caller’s registered phone number, so this means that they wouldn’t know that the app was used to make a call.
  • It is able to call international numbers too.
  • Likewise, the landline numbers can be called too.
  • During sign up, there are no long forms to fill in.
  • There are no spam on an app user’s phone.
  • There are no built-in premiums, credits, coins or any other proxy ways that will extract money from the user.
  • The app ensures that a user is never spammed with continuous and repeated reminders to make use of the app.
  • It works on iPhones as well.
  • It also syncs with a user’s contacts so as to mirror a regular dialing pad.


With the advent of the internet and the rise of technology, many apps like CallPal are being created to make everyone’s life easier and to make communication more convenient. Anyone from the India can now call to their families living in the United States, or an American retiree calling that Pattaya condo for sale to finalize a transaction. Everything has been made uncomplicated.


Technology Changing Homework And Classrooms

Technology has affected how people do their day-to-day lives. From driving to offices to cooking in kitchens, from how research to entertainment is done, all of it is affected by technology. The classroom is not exempted from the influence of technology too.

Increased use of technology in classrooms

Technology has influenced classrooms with 97% of teachers having a minimum of one computer in the classroom, as of 2009. In addition, for those computers, 93% have access to the internet that students and teachers can use. In fact, the ratio for students to computers is 5.3 to one. There is a big increase in the past twenty years.

The general effect of technology in schools

Teachers and students find that the increase in technology availability is generating positive outcomes when it comes to the learning environment. For teachers in Pre-K to 12th grades, 74% mention that technology has helped expand and reinforce the contents that they are teaching. Students in the same percentage report that technology is part of a motivator in the learning process.

Writing and technology

A majority of teachers and students say that digital technology has allowed their writing abilities to be shared with a wider and more diverse audiences. This statement is strongly agreed by 52%. Seventy- nine percent of students who write also agree that technology encourages collaboration.

Technology as a homework helper

Almost one-third of those surveyed say that they use tablets for their homework. Sixty-five percent are using laptops. In addition, 39% of fourteen year olds, 42% of 6th graders, and 57% of 8th graders all say they use smartphones to finish their homework.

Technology alters the learning order

Technology is also altering the way teachers and students are receiving, processing and using information to meet their learning standards and goals. Instead of hearing a lecture at school then doing homework based from the lecture, the process has now changed. Students now watch video lectures for their homework. Then, they go to class and receive help with activities or projects, or take exams. This new process helps students having difficulty with learning to truly learn the information.


Indeed, technology and the internet have brought about many changes for learning and education. If anyone is looking for an application that solves mathematical problems from a picture or an assignment writing service in Canada, technology enables this through computers and the internet.


The Declining Internet Freedom In Several Southeast Asian Nations

Because of the recent US presidential elections, the internet has been in the spotlight these past few weeks. While Americans have to suffer through fake news and annoying status updates, there are areas in this modern world where posting an opinion can result in jail time or worse. Internet freedom has certainly declined all over the world for the past 6 years because of censorship and government monitoring of messaging apps.

There are worst places to use internet than Southeast Asia but blogging about religious freedom is still taboo in Saudi Arabia and Bangladesh. Blogging about the controversial heir to the throne of Thailand could get censored because the laws prohibit any criticisms of the monarchy. Even international news agencies are allowed only to report that the former king is in the twilight years of his reign and not dying. Any tweets, Facebook posts or personal messages that criticize the military government can lead to jail time or detention.

In Vietnam, internet users have learned the importance of self-censorship because the government has become unpredictable with its list of banned topics. It is better to stay away from controversial topics to avoid being blocked. Facebook has been blocked on several occasions as well as some web pages.

In Malaysia, internet freedom is also on the decline after the government censored news reports and information about the massive corruption scandal that involves their prime minister. Major newspapers have been blocked from reporting stories. Bloggers and writers can end up in trouble for any criticisms on Islam.

Indonesia that has the world’s largest Muslim democracy does not like online content regarding LGBT. In 2014, messaging app LINE was pressured to remove its LGBT content. In Cambodia, the low-grade internet repression is using different tactics so as not to attract international attention particularly the foreign press. A Facebook user received an 18-month prison sentence for a colour revolution to change the cheap regime running Cambodian society.

On the other hand, if you are looking for bedroom furniture in Sydney, there are cheap options online. Furniture online stores usually offer delivery service at excellent rates or same day free pickup from the physical store.


Microsoft Updates To Windows Map App To Allow Corrections

Windows Map app is a very useful tool that can be used even without internet connection. You simply download the app and store it on your phone for driving, walking and transit directions. The Windows Map app can also be used to search for restaurants, addresses, businesses, hotels and tourist attractions. If you want to avoid traffic, the map will help you look for an alternate route.

Microsoft recently released an update for Windows map app for Fast ring Insiders to bring the version number to 5.1611.3191.0 that can be used for both PC’s and phones. The idea behind the update is to allow Insiders to make corrections. Landscape changes constantly and it is difficult for services to be on top of the changes. With the update, an Insider will be able to tell whether the restaurant he is searching for is already closed or whether it has transferred to a new location. Insiders can also add a new road that is not yet included in the map.

The Microsoft update will also allow Insiders to point out if there is something wrong in the map. For example, Microsoft may inadvertently include a hospital in the list of Italian restaurants or a city was written in a wrong language. It is also possible that the map has a missing road or details about a business are incorrect. These errors can be pointed out so that corrections can be immediately made. Insiders can also suggest changes if search did not find what he wants or the results are not accurate.

Microsoft regularly makes improvements on the Windows Map app. The last update was a few weeks ago which added the ability to organize favorites and to save places into collections.  If you are not a Fast ring Insider, the update will likely show up at the Windows Store in a few weeks.

Maps have certainly gone technical to quickly check traffic during commute. However, there is Illustrated Map that you can consider as a work of art. The creativity of the map is very apparent not to mention the wealth of information it provides to make the user familiar with a certain place.


Fake Reviews To Ensure A Top Spot In Google Search Results

According to experts fake online reviews are very prevalent among labor-intensive services wherein the customer is not required to visit the company’s offices instead professional technicians or service providers go to the home of the customer. These services include plumbers, locksmiths, carpet cleaners, garage door repairs, etc. that responds to an urgent call. As it happens, the problem is also widespread in drug rehabilitation centers.

George Steely used to work for an SEO company that helped in developing and spreading fake online reviews. Recently, Steely has been tracking a network that includes hundreds of phony listings and reviews that lead unknowing customers to less than half a dozen drug rehabilitation centers. When Steely started researching rehabilitation centers in Seattle upon the request of a family friend who was struggling with drugs and substance issue, he learned that the drug rehabilitation industry is overrun by SEO firms.

A simple search in Google for “drug rehab Seattle” will reveal multiple local search results that look quite promising. On the top three results, there is a business calling itself “Drug Rehab Seattle” that includes a toll-free phone number but without a physical address. A click on the site shows that it is a legitimate drug rehab center. When Steely called the toll-free number in the Drug Rehab Seattle little, he was immediately transferred to a hotline that took down his number, name and insurance information with a promise of a call back.

When you search for something through Google, it will often add local business results on top of organic search results that include reviews associated with Google Maps. Consumers may not read the reviews but it heavily influences the page rankings. The more reviews for a business, the higher will be the search engine rankings. The number one spot gains higher chances to generate leads and conversions.

Passages Malibu believes that counseling is an important component of drug rehabilitation because it unearths the buried emotional trauma that is the reason behind the addiction. Counseling formats vary from highly individualized counseling to generalized group therapy. It can also include straightforward awareness education, practical approaches and trauma therapy.

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