Charity Store In Doncaster Launched With Kian

Kian Critchley was a young man with epilepsy, cerebral palsy and lissencephaly which renders him unable to walk as well as communicate verbally. He has a tube through his stomach which is the medium for food to enter his body. He was also one of the lucky kids who were able to experience the service provided by the hospice located in Sheffield.

Kian, together with his mother Val and his father Tony, was the one who officially opened the new shop at the hospice. It was originally located at Scot Lane but then was moved to 7 Kings Arcade in St Sepulchre Gate.

According to his father, they have the honor since Kian was given the chance to open the new Bluebell Wood shop that is located in Doncaster. He also added that shops like those are the reason why the hospice was able to support families such as theirs. He revealed that they are always visiting the place just to give thanks to all the volunteers, staffs as well as the people who are shopping there. He considers the contribution of everyone as invaluable as well as to all families that are being helped by Bluebell Wood.

The new shop at Doncaster will be selling second hand items that are good quality such as clothes and toys. New items will also be included.

According to the Karen Williams who is the shop manager, they are pleased that their new shop is now open to the public. All the funds that will be raised will be given to the hospice as well as the community that is responsible in giving support to children such as Kian and their respective families.

Karen added that they have been a member of the Doncaster community, along with local businesses, for more than 10 years and they are excited to welcome new shoppers in their brand new location at the King’s Arcade. Bluebell wood is ready to accept volunteers that are willing to help sort, size as well as put tags to all the donations. The volunteers will also be helping in serving the customers and will be in charge of the till.

Internet Access For Developing Countries Through Facebook Innovations

Facebook is a social networking company that is very popular all over the world. However, Facebook does not rest on its laurels but continues to pursue innovations to deliver internet access to mobile phones. Facebook believes that the recent technology called ARIES will set a new world record of efficiently transmitting data signals through the air so that it can deliver wireless internet to developing regions in Africa, India and other parts of the world.

According to the vice-president of Facebook infrastructure the technologically driven wireless transmission is more affordable than dragging fiber and power lines into the rural areas and setting up the traditional antenna systems called base stations. ARIES is shortened term for Antenna Efficiency in Spectrum which is an example of a complex and seemingly outrageous hardware that will expand internet access.

Facebook has also unveiled a wireless antenna system called Terragraph that is designed to expand and improve both Wi-Fi and cellular phone signals in cities. To provide connectivity in remote areas that are far from urban places, Facebook will build flying drones and communication lasers. The company has invested so much money so that people can gain access to the internet as well as Facebook. However, Facebook has no plans of selling the stuff because it will be sharing the innovation to the world for free. Facebook does not plan to set up and operate antennas of its own so that others can build and modify the hardware to expand the reach of internet.

Terragraph will provide a method of distribution for high bandwidth signal within dense urban areas while eliminating the need for expensive fiber lines between antennas. The Terragraph system will not just provide wireless signal to tablets and smartphones, antennas will be able to wirelessly communicate with each other without fiber lines. Terragraph hopes to deliver access speeds of about a gigabit per second.

On a different note, Illustrated Maps that were popularly used years ago remain to be a tool used by school campuses to market their services. Illustrated Maps can provide users with an interesting experience while viewing a campus map because of the creative details and geographical presentations.

Creating A Successful Website

Every business needs a website so that it can improve its reach to its target market. Perhaps the question now is what the key website factors are. Here are some of the commonly accepted factors in making a website.

  • Brand recognition. When you are just starting out, you will not have the advantage of a big and established name unless you are successful enough to merge with a company that is already established. In order to build you reputation, you need to practice good business. Foremost, you should be able to respond to the orders of your customers promptly. If you cannot do it yourself, you need to set up an auto-responder or hire someone to deal with your customers. Offer rebates in case the customers are not satisfied with your services or products. Above all, you need to maintain a friendly persona. You also need to keep in mind the adage that the customer is always right. This of course is not always an easy principle to live by but it is very crucial in attaining stability in your business as well as in growing it to be competitive in the market. The more that you offer excellent services to your customers, the more that you promote your business and give a good name to your business. The speed of information that is available today can also either harm or help you. If you deliver terrible products and services, a blogger can write about his experiences and within hours, your reputation will be damaged in cyber space.
  • Access unique resources. Do you have connections to a specific market especially those that would be interested in the services and products that you are offering? For instance, if you are selling products for children and you are active in the school of your child, the parents and teachers of the children in school would be a very perfect target market for you. Your personal connection with the market that you have in mind places you at a vantage point in that you have access another marketer that would have to obtain via email marketing, search engine marketing and even direct mail. Additionally, if the customers would like to have your products, they can use word of mouth in promoting your products to their friends and family. You should not underestimate the personal element in terms of marketing your products and services.

It is likewise important that you build a great website and seek the help of professionals like

Here’s How You Can Avert Plumbing Catastrophes This Holiday Season

The holidays are often described as the happiest times of the year but when faced with serious plumbing problems, it might ruin the excitement for you. Plumbing problems may appear at the most critical times. Imagine, your plumbing working well for a number of years but just when you are about to have guests over for dinner when all of a sudden, your ceilings leak.

Nobody is excited for plumbing catastrophes. In fact, most people would want to avoid such circumstances. That is why if you want to avoid a major catastrophe, make sure to call the plumber at the first sign of a problem. While waiting for a plumber, here’s what you can do.

  • It would be great if you know where the shut-off valves are located. Also, it helps a lot when you label them because these valves would be able to turn off a single fixture so that you and your family would still have access to other fixtures in your home.
  • Check the water shut-off valves to see if they are working. It is recommended that you do this 2 to 3 times a year.
  • Regular inspection and maintenance is always the key. That is why you should at least check your valves, pipes, faucets, and heaters for any signs of leaks. You would also need to check your ceilings and the walls for any signs of water damage. When you do find a leak, try to have them fixed as soon as possible.
  • Call on professionals to inspect your septic tanks as much as possible.
  • To avoid serious danger, make sure to place combustible or flammable materials away from the heater.
  • Smoke and carbon monoxide detectors would do you a great help if you install them in your home.
  • Never throw any material or substance that might damage or clog your drain.
  • Put screens on bathtub and shower drains so that fallen hair would not clog them.
  • Pipes can freeze during winter and when they do, there is a high chance for them to burst that is why you should cover your pipes with insulation.
  • When you see signs of trouble, call professionals like those at Capital Plumbing & Heating to help you out.

Bookup.Asia Release Plastic Surgery Infographic

Bookup.Asia have released a new infographic about celebrity plastic surgery winners and losers. To read the accompanying content they publish please visit this page.


Bookup Asia Infographic

Online Attackers On The Loose: Over 10 Million People Are Exposed To Malicious Advertisements

While many people are looking for the best investment vehicle for their hard earned money, they should consider HomeUnion real estate investing. One of the soundest decisions that you could make is in placing your money in a reliable investment vehicle- real estate. While other investment tools tend to be too risky and are usually very volatile like the stocks and bonds, opting for real estate are a better option if you do not want to place your money in jeopardy or at risk. HomeUnion real estate investing could be a life saver and this perhaps will be your way out of financial distress.
If you are already into real estate investment or a real estate agent, you will understand that in order to stay in the game, you need to keep up with the new technologies in this sophisticated world. Most businesses have already made their presence known to clients through the online platform. Getting your business in the internet is a good strategy and will keep your investment thriving. However, you also need to be aware of the pitfalls and dangers of launching a website online. There are thousands of malicious attackers in the online world who are silently waiting to pounce and attack an innocent member of the community. You need to be guided accordingly.
The evil tactics
In the past weeks, there were more than 10 million people who frequented sites and injected malicious advertisements which are deemed to have possibly infected the computers with viruses. This report was according to Cyphort, a computer security business.
For the last month, Cyphort has been in the track of looking for different malicious advertisement campaigns. This particularly involves duping online providers of advertisements.
When someone happens to click on a malicious advertisement, this will automatically divert the browser into opening another website which attacks the computer of the user. The director of security at Cyphort, Nick Bilogorskiy told the media that the company has reportedly discovered that in the last few days, there are a number of highly visited websites that are carrying malicious advertisements without the knowledge of the web owners. Internet browsers are asked to be vigilant and responsible when visiting various websites.

Google Released Mobile Friendly Update

We met up with the people behind PWD and found out regarding Google’s new update which was geared to be more mobile friendly and how it will impact web design.

It was around 2 months ago when Google released a warning that they will be rolling out a new algorithm update which is designed to be more mobile friendly. The update was launched last April 21. Though it was feared by many website owners that their traffic will be greatly affected, the update was meant to the opposite. Google’s main goal in launching this new update is to make sure that all mobile users will have a better experience.

Since Google is aware that most mobile users are complaining because they went to do a search on their browser only to find out that their phones can’t fully access the website. In order to remedy this problem, Google launched this update which will remove websites that are not user friendly on the search engine and prioritize those that are. This is all to make sure the users will have a better experience.

The press has gone on to call the new update as Mobilegeddon. Here are some of the most important facts regarding the update which is useful for those websites that were affected by the new algorithm.

– Ever since the increase of mobile users, Google has shown its interest in providing mobile-friendly solutions. The company has also been clear about what is needed for a site to be treated as mobile friendly. If you don’t know if your web site is mobile friendly, Google has launched a tool that could test the website and point out the issues regarding the non-mobile friendliness of a site. The tool may be searched online.

– The new update will only affect the search engine results of all mobile phone users. Thing remain unchanged for those searching using their browser. This means your website will only feel the impact if most of your visitors is using their mobile phones when checking in. If only a few part of your income comes from mobile users then it wouldn’t be necessary to change the web site.

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