Kian Critchley was a young man with epilepsy, cerebral palsy and lissencephaly which renders him unable to walk as well as communicate verbally. He has a tube through his stomach which is the medium for food to enter his body. He was also one of the lucky kids who were able to experience the service provided by the hospice located in Sheffield.

Kian, together with his mother Val and his father Tony, was the one who officially opened the new shop at the hospice. It was originally located at Scot Lane but then was moved to 7 Kings Arcade in St Sepulchre Gate.

According to his father, they have the honor since Kian was given the chance to open the new Bluebell Wood shop that is located in Doncaster. He also added that shops like those are the reason why the hospice was able to support families such as theirs. He revealed that they are always visiting the place just to give thanks to all the volunteers, staffs as well as the people who are shopping there. He considers the contribution of everyone as invaluable as well as to all families that are being helped by Bluebell Wood.

The new shop at Doncaster will be selling second hand items that are good quality such as clothes and toys. New items will also be included.

According to the Karen Williams who is the shop manager, they are pleased that their new shop is now open to the public. All the funds that will be raised will be given to the hospice as well as the community that is responsible in giving support to children such as Kian and their respective families.

Karen added that they have been a member of the Doncaster community, along with local businesses, for more than 10 years and they are excited to welcome new shoppers in their brand new location at the King’s Arcade. Bluebell wood is ready to accept volunteers that are willing to help sort, size as well as put tags to all the donations. The volunteers will also be helping in serving the customers and will be in charge of the till.