UK – Disgraced football player, Ched Evans, who has been convicted of raping a 19-year old woman back in 2012, is now said to be considering leaving the world of Football in hopes of starting a career in painting and decorating. These reports have surfaced after Evans had been continuously been snubbed by a number of football clubs, particularly his former club Sheffield United.

Before Evans’ sentencing and conviction, he played for top clubs like Manchester City, and most recently, Sheffield United. However, he was jailed for five years after a jury had agreed that he was guilty of raping a drunken woman in a hotel in Rhyl, North Wales.

Evans was released after serving two and half years of jail time. Unfortunately, since his release, Evans is still unable to find a club that would accept him.

As of late, he is still protesting his innocence with his conviction for rape set to be referred to the Court of Appeals after new evidence had emerged that is said to raise a possibility that the Court of Appeals will quash his conviction.

Evans, 26, who used to earn ₤20,000 a week at Sheffield United, is said to still be scrambling around and looking for clubs that are in the lower division. Unfortunately, even an outfit like Tranmere, where he can earn about ₤2000 a week, doesn’t want him.

He is said to have been thinking about starting a business, particularly in the painting and decorating industry, rather than pursue a career in football. It has been known that Evans had taken a course in painting and decorating while he was in jail so that he could afford good nutrition for his body.

Evans’ plans for the future are still unknown but if ever he does plan to pursue a painting and decorating business, he should know that a life of a tradesman is far different from the life of a football star. He should be responsible and skillful enough so that he could provide effective service to his customers.

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