Ever since the early days of AOL, internet marketing has increasingly advanced. Even though the times have changed, the internet still remains to be a valuable medium for reaching out to and converting customers.


Internet marketers and companies alike, such as crewdo, continually look for ways to create sales. They have started to use SMS messaging services in order to convert customers.


Why does SMS messaging complement the complexities of internet marketing?


The effectivity of SMS

A lot of the public believe marketing through SMS is somehow ineffective, and this is due largely to its reputation as being spammy since a number of devious marketers use it. It can be a good marketing medium when used correctly.


SMS and its Open Rate

According to research, an email’s open rate on average is 15% to 20% for most industries. On the other hand, it is 90% for SMS messages.


SMS Click-Through and its Conversion Rate

Its click-throughs as well as conversion rates are high. Data indicates that 14% of the receivers click through links in the messages and almost 9% of them attain the conversion goals.


Internet Marketing Helps with SMS Leads

SMS is a permission based marketing. Although people are hugely skeptical of links and are reluctant to click these links from people they have not interacted with, SMS marketing is effective when used alongside email marketing. The first step is to have recipients opt in while nurturing relationships with them too.


Getting Users to Opt In

Sending unsolicited messages to customers is a violation of CAN-SPAM Act which means fines and imprisonment of 4 years. There is a better chance for people to opt in when permission is asked.


Building Relationships Through Email Prior

Building a relationship through social media or email is helpful since there is space to communicate a brand’s benefits.


Separating Users by Engagement

Email providers allow for creating separate user lists which is based from any prior actions they have made. This is a list of those who are more responsive to SMS.


Making SMS Brief

SMS need to be on point and brief, and it should be used for a definite call-to-action for users showing interest.