Roland Sands, a motorcycle design businessman, was a racer who broke track records while riding and a few bones while crashing. He already retired at 29 and has gone to working full time in his dad’s Motorcycle parts business. When his dad’s business got sold, he opened Roland Sands Designs. Roland Sands Designs creates custom parts, accessories and apparel. Today at age 41, he is one of the motorcycle industry’s successful businessmen. He is also one of the most esteemed designers having just completed designs for Indian Motorcycle, BMW, and others.

Racing and life prior to Roland Sands Designs

Sands already rode motorcycles as young as 5 years old. He also started to join races at age 16. He later established himself at the Antelope Valley’s Willow Springs International Raceway. For Sands, it was fun to be able to win but it came with crashing and some fixing for broken parts. As an independent, 19 yr old Sands found racing and repairing his bikes as a full-time job. He worked for his dad’s business, Performance Machine which is a Motorcycle parts company.

The beginning of Roland Sands Designs

Sands began with designing wheels for Performance Machine while still a teenager. After retirement, he had become a company officer. He eventually became the director of R&D and design. After learning of his father’s intention to sell Performance Machine, he got busy. He already created some Roland Sands Designs products sold through Performance catalogs. He accelerated his design process when he competed and won in Discovery Channel’s Biker Build Off.

Roland Sands Designs today

Today, his business has a retail outlet located in Los Alamitos. Customers can go through numerous branded jackets, caps, gloves, T-shirts and jeans next to gas caps, exhaust pipes and air cleaners. The company sells 7,000 jackets yearly and 5,000 pairs of gloves alongside performance parts for big motorcycle brands like Harley-Davidson. Behind the retail store, there are work bays for bikes to be customized priced between $25,000 – $175,000 each build. In the offices located upstairs, the marketing teams are coordinating events and promotional videos and conducting photo shoots for the company’s products and other clients.