A courier’s good for delivering things; messages, packages, etc. When you hand things over to an overnight courier service you are effectively putting your faith in that courier company, that they can get your package to where it needs to be as quickly as possible.

Considering how important board exams are, the Sindh Board of Technical Education has decided that a courier will handle the delivery of their exam’s question and answer sheets. The Pakistani institute’s chairperson, Dr. Masroor Sheikh, has stated that this move was prompted as a countermeasure against cheating in technical exams.

The exam will occur all over the Pakistani province of Sindh, starting at the 5th of April up until the 20th of April. Over 3,500 students have registered for the board exam, which will be held across 13 different locations throughout the province, five of which in Karachi.

According to Chairperson Sheikh, the SBTE has taken three primary steps have been taken as countermeasures to cheating for this year’s exam.  The chairperson has stated in an addendum that there is but a singular technical board in Sindh, unlike the matric and intermediate boards, which, on its own, holds responsibility for handling the examination, up to places as far as Daharki and Charchro, all from their location at Karachi.

The Chairperson has reiterated that the courier delivery service will handle the delivery of the examination papers a day prior to the exams, and that same company will then handle delivering the completed exam an hour after. Prior to this, the exams would take their time reaching the board office, which gave ample opportunity for all sorts of editing and cheating to occur. The courier service delivering the papers on the very next day following the exams is to prevent that.

Additionally, the board has also tasked its five regional directors. These five will supervise the exams, by paying a visit to the examination centres in closest proximity during the examination period.

They have yet to announce which courier company they’ll task with this burden, but it’s a rather strange use of an overnight courier service.