Baby crib bumpers are available in the pages of any children’s furniture magazine or catalog. This piece of fabric is usually padded and is tied around the crib’s wooden slats. They make the crib cute and comfy for babies. However, these crib bumpers are deadly according to researchers. Babies can get caught in them leading to suffocation, entrapment or strangulation.

There is no evidence to prove that these crib bumpers also prevent injuries for babies. So, it is best to not use them as they are dangerous according to Dr. Bradley Thach from the Washington University School of Medicine. He authored a study in 2007 about crib bumper deaths. He mentions how it has gotten worse from 2007.

Thach is also contributing author to The Journal of Pediatrics which shows the increasing number of deaths from crib bumpers.

A study found that between 2006 to 2012, 23 babies died in the period. The suffocation was due to crib bumpers. This number is way higher than the average deaths from 3 seven-year periods prior. Between 1985 to 2012, there were 48 deaths for babies. There is also an additional number of 146 injuries from crib bumpers that include nearly suffocating and choking on its ties. This study used data from Consumer Product Safety Commission which is an agency that keeps an eye on consumer products.

Crib bumpers were originally designed as a means to prevent infants from falling out of their cribs. Regulations today demand for the crib’s slat size to be decreased. Crib bumpers were also intended to prevent babies’ heads from bumping in the slats and were also intended to prevent their legs or arms to be caught in between these rails. According to N.J. Scheers of the CPSC, sleeping sacks are a better and safer alternative than these crib bumpers.

The CPSC is in the process of forming guidelines and recommendations on how these crib bumpers are to be regulated. In the meantime, it is best for parents to steer clear of using these crib bumpers and use tight fitted sheets instead for their infant’s cribs and Oak Baby Furniture.