Ribbons often come in many different varieties. They can vary in color, patterns, materials and sizes which make them flexible for a wide variety of tasks. In the beginning, ribbons were solely used for religious and symbolic purposes in many ancient cultures of the world but people soon found the beauty in ribbons and made use of it to further their own. Ribbons can now be used to decorate all sorts of items from vases, to dresses, from curtains to tables. You will find that they are ever-present in special occasions and events such as birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, and even funerals.

Another special task that ribbons are known for is the raising of awareness. Ribbons are now being used in celebration, commemoration and to spread awareness to certain causes such as domestic violence, sexual assault, Cancer, Terrorism, and HIV/AIDS.

Here are some creative decorative uses that you may want to use on your ribbons.

  1. Ribbon Cushions. You may have probably seen a ribbon cushion before. While there is sophistication and complexity in the craft, you would find that ribbon cushions aren’t that difficult to do. All you would need is a silk ribbon, preferably of different varieties and colors, stuffing, fleece fabric, as well as marker pens, scissors and masking tape.
  2. Tea Towels. Little did you know that you can use ribbons to decorate your tea towels? And the best part of this is that they aren’t that hard to do. All you would need is a sewing machine, a couple of ribbons and ready-made tea towels.
  3. In your childhood days, you have probably been taught how to make placemats using strips of cloth. All you need to do is make a crisscross pattern from these strips but instead of using cloth, you will be using decorative ribbons.
  4. Bed Linen. If you want to enhance the appearance of your pillowcases and bed sheets, the best way to do so is to use ribbons. There are lots of tutorials in the internet relating to this craft and all you would need is patience and a bit of sewing skills.
  5. If you can decorate towels, placemats and bed linens with ribbons, then you most definitely could with clothing. You can customize shirts and jumpers and even skirts and pants with ribbons that complement their look.