Internet marketing is not only for retail stores that offer a wide assortment of products; it is also important for professional services like emergency plumbers. According to Nielsen, the average adult in the United States visits 45 mobile websites and uses at least 28 mobile apps per month. Mobile searches now account for nearly 60% of searches.

It is very important for emergency plumbers to have a website, a blog and social media presence to be everywhere. Being everywhere means you have consistent presence in many online locations and not just the company website or app. To be everywhere easily translates into a better business experience and increased business opportunities.

In order for the brand to be everywhere, it is important to take into account the following factors.

  • Have you ever searched for your brand online? Do you have an idea on how your customers see you? Being customer centric means you are considering your customer base as a long term investment.
  • Be active and update all the information online. Your website, blogs and social media accounts must reflect the most current information of your brand.
  • If your online information is outdated, make sure to check out processes and technologies you can efficiently use to update your information.
  • Always think in real time. According to reports, 71% of online searches are happening in real time through mobile. This means that being everywhere has to be in real time.
  • SEO is very important because it can make your brand stand out. When updating your information, be as specific as possible and use the right keywords for search engine optimization.
  • If you are actively soliciting reviews, be responsive even if they are negative. Feedback may be difficult to swallow but it is a way to improve.
  • Be innovative and always look for new ideas in your industry.

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