With technology evolving, it is critical for self-storage owners and operators of facilities like Good Storage Manchester to be tech savvy otherwise they will be left out in the competition. Operators can make a choice among different Windows-based software applications for their day to day operations and advanced reporting. Websites can be optimized for search engines to gain organic search results. Technology can be used to the fullest to achieve business success.

The growing dependence on internet technology as the backbone of a global society is unprecedented. Global trade and finance are now reliant on the internet as well as the success of many industries. In 2013, Facebook launched a non-profit organization called Internet.org with the goal of providing internet access to 60% of the world or 4 billion people who do not have internet connection.

Last Thursday, Facebook announced two major milestones; Facebook’s Connectivity Lab that has prototyped a full-scale-solar-powered aircraft and a lab-tested laser with the capability to deliver data at tens of GB per second. These two major milestones can be used to transmit wireless internet to most remote regions where there is limited or no internet access.

About 10% of the world’s populations live in areas where it is not considered cost-effective to build internet infrastructures on the ground like cell towers, microwave repeaters or fiber optic cables. Flying laser-equipped planes would be a cost effective and feasible option. According to a Facebook blog post, the intention in not to build and operate networks but to quickly advance the state of technology where they will become solutions for operators to deploy.

The company’s aerospace team in the United Kingdom built the plane that is called “Aguila” with a wingspan that is the same as a Boeing 737. Hypothetically, the solar-powered aircraft will be able to fly for 90 straight days with a 50-kilometer communication radius. The unmanned aerial vehicles will be operating above terrestrial crafts and below satellites where free space optical communications are possible.

The planes alone are not enough that is why Facebook is developing lasers that can deliver data 10 times faster than anything out there to tiny targets that are the size of the dime to more than 10 miles away.