According to experts fake online reviews are very prevalent among labor-intensive services wherein the customer is not required to visit the company’s offices instead professional technicians or service providers go to the home of the customer. These services include plumbers, locksmiths, carpet cleaners, garage door repairs, etc. that responds to an urgent call. As it happens, the problem is also widespread in drug rehabilitation centers.

George Steely used to work for an SEO company that helped in developing and spreading fake online reviews. Recently, Steely has been tracking a network that includes hundreds of phony listings and reviews that lead unknowing customers to less than half a dozen drug rehabilitation centers. When Steely started researching rehabilitation centers in Seattle upon the request of a family friend who was struggling with drugs and substance issue, he learned that the drug rehabilitation industry is overrun by SEO firms.

A simple search in Google for “drug rehab Seattle” will reveal multiple local search results that look quite promising. On the top three results, there is a business calling itself “Drug Rehab Seattle” that includes a toll-free phone number but without a physical address. A click on the site shows that it is a legitimate drug rehab center. When Steely called the toll-free number in the Drug Rehab Seattle little, he was immediately transferred to a hotline that took down his number, name and insurance information with a promise of a call back.

When you search for something through Google, it will often add local business results on top of organic search results that include reviews associated with Google Maps. Consumers may not read the reviews but it heavily influences the page rankings. The more reviews for a business, the higher will be the search engine rankings. The number one spot gains higher chances to generate leads and conversions.

Passages Malibu believes that counseling is an important component of drug rehabilitation because it unearths the buried emotional trauma that is the reason behind the addiction. Counseling formats vary from highly individualized counseling to generalized group therapy. It can also include straightforward awareness education, practical approaches and trauma therapy.