We met up with the people behind PWD and found out regarding Google’s new update which was geared to be more mobile friendly and how it will impact web design.

It was around 2 months ago when Google released a warning that they will be rolling out a new algorithm update which is designed to be more mobile friendly. The update was launched last April 21. Though it was feared by many website owners that their traffic will be greatly affected, the update was meant to the opposite. Google’s main goal in launching this new update is to make sure that all mobile users will have a better experience.

Since Google is aware that most mobile users are complaining because they went to do a search on their browser only to find out that their phones can’t fully access the website. In order to remedy this problem, Google launched this update which will remove websites that are not user friendly on the search engine and prioritize those that are. This is all to make sure the users will have a better experience.

The press has gone on to call the new update as Mobilegeddon. Here are some of the most important facts regarding the update which is useful for those websites that were affected by the new algorithm.

– Ever since the increase of mobile users, Google has shown its interest in providing mobile-friendly solutions. The company has also been clear about what is needed for a site to be treated as mobile friendly. If you don’t know if your web site is mobile friendly, Google has launched a tool that could test the website and point out the issues regarding the non-mobile friendliness of a site. The tool may be searched online.

– The new update will only affect the search engine results of all mobile phone users. Thing remain unchanged for those searching using their browser. This means your website will only feel the impact if most of your visitors is using their mobile phones when checking in. If only a few part of your income comes from mobile users then it wouldn’t be necessary to change the web site.