Moving can be such a hassle because not only would you have to deal with the separation from the house you had grown to love, you’ll also have to deal with organizing and packing all of your valuables. Packing unfortunately has proven to be a difficult task especially if you own a lot of items that need moving. Of course you can hire someone to do all of that for you however, if you are on the thrifty side that can prove to be a bad deal.

The secret to effective packing is finding strong boxes that can fit your belongings. Know that you don’t have to buy sturdy boxes because you can find them for free at numerous places. Also, you would greatly help the environment by reusing boxes instead of buying new ones. So if you are wondering where you’d find these boxes, here they are.

  1. If you want to find free moving boxes, the best place to try is Craigslist. If you use the FREE section of Craigslist, you’ll find a number of people giving away free boxes that they don’t use anymore. The best day to do so is usually the end of the week. Also, you can use the WANTED section of Craigslist and notify people what you are looking for. If you can’t find moving boxes for free, you can also negotiate from sellers or convince them to trade the boxes with you for something you are willing to giveaway.
  2. Freecycle is home to numerous recyclable items. To find moving boxes from Freecycle, you would have to check with your local area first. After that, you would have to join your local Freecycle group and request if they have free moving boxes.
  3. Local stores are always piling up with boxes they want to throw out or giveaway. Why not kindly ask to help unburden them with those boxes?
  4. Someone Who Just Moved. Someone you know who had recently moved is the perfect person to ask for moving boxes. They would probably want to get rid of those boxes and you might just be the person to help him!

Free is good. But while you can find free moving boxes that are still in good shape and quality, still nothing can beat unused and manufactured Paper Mart boxes. New would always guarantee the sturdiness you need.