Connection to the internet is very important for the hospitality industry of Thailand. Hotels that have websites are connected to 24/7 to consumers all over the world. Hotels can accept direct bookings no matter the time of day. Online marketing strategies spread the word that that there is a convenient hotel in Sukhumvit that meets every need and preference.

How much money that businesses lose when there is no internet connectivity? According to reports, broadband outage can result to £7 billion losses for the UK economy every year. Surprisingly, 25% of those that were hit by internet outage opted to mitigate downtime by performing tasks that do not require the internet. However, there are businesses that are not so lucky because their locations are so widely dispersed and staffs have to stay connected.

If the primary broadband service is disrupted, losses can be very substantial for a business. Daily operations can come to a halt for 38% of businesses. At least 13% immediately start losing money immediately after a broadband outage while 46% can suffer financial losses after 4 hours. Only 13% of businesses will resort to a backup solution.

For consumers, there are various ways to gain online access when they lose internet connectivity at home. There is the option of a coffee shop down the road. If you are lucky enough to have unlimited data, you can tether the Smartphone. However, these are short term solutions that will not work in case of a major broadband outage.

Internet access may have been branded by the United Nations as a basic human right but UK’s broadband speeds and infrastructure are still very low in terms of global standards. There are a number of reasons for major broadband outage like malicious attacks or damages to the infrastructure. A second line from a different source may prove effective when a major issue is encountered.

If you book directly with convenient hotel in Sukhumvit, you will enjoy more benefits and perks. There are special packages and discounted room rates including free upgrades and special offers on spa treatments. If you book in advance, you will enjoy more promos and discounts to make your Thailand holiday more affordable.