It looks like people have become rather mean on the internet; the opposite of their real person offline. This is one of the reasons why Facebook is teaching people to be nice through its newly updated safety centre that includes “bullying prevention hub.” This is a strategy introduced by Facebook to improve the quality of online discourse on the social media platform.

If Facebook users will be nice enough to tone down their discourse, it will certainly enhance user experience. Safety is actually integral to the platform because if users fail to enjoy a good experience, they will leave. On the other hand, according to Mia Garlick, the director of policy and communication for Facebook Australia-Pacific region, she has statistics to show that disillusioned users are not closing their accounts.

The growth of Facebook is simply overwhelming as proven by the 3rd quarter report for 2016. Facebook has 1.79 billion monthly active users, 16% increase year-on-year. At least 62.5% of Australia’s population or 15 million Australians are active on Facebook.

The bullying prevention hub is a new resource for Facebook for its self-policing community. The technology was developed in partnership with Yale Centre for Emotional Intelligence in 2013. It is linked to the platform but separate from the Homepage. The hub puts more focus on video to support teenagers, parents and educators on how to prevent and respond to online abuse.

The hub advises teenagers that bullying is not their fault and it can surely happen to anyone. If bullied, the best option is to stay calm. Before you share anything you find online, ask yourself whether it can hurt anyone. While majority of conversations and interactions on the platform are positive, it is important to exercise control over interactions. Make sure you understand security check-up that restricts who sees your post including access to ensure a positive experience.

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