If you need a ribbon, all you have to do is search the web because there are lots of online retailers selling the item. In fact, a ribbon is a bestselling item particularly during the holidays because it is used to improve the aesthetics of a gift. Ribbons are also popular during weddings because they are used for endless purposes.

However, prepare yourself for the overwhelming number of search results when you type the keyword “ribbon” on the browser of your computer. A special algorithm was released by Google in April 15, 2015 so that websites can be audited as to their ability to provide a good mobile experience and rank well in mobile search results. Most businesses have had their websites optimized for mobile but this update from Google has confirmed that mobile SEO has to be considered with the same appreciation and investment as conventional SEO.

In order to embrace mobile, it is important to organize the SEO initiative and segment it into desktop and mobile while thinking of target demographics that will experience the brand and what their expectations will be.

According to the results of a recent research by Com Score, mobile accounts for at least 56% of the time that adults in UK spend online while 74% of the 47 million population use a combination of desktop and mobile. Through Google Analytics, you can determine how your customers behave in desktop and mobile so that you will know how to tailor your website’s mobile experience to fit market needs.

It is important to track mobile activity separate from desktop activity so that you can integrate separate goals through Adwords and Analytics. This will provide a consistent set of statistics that can be used to measure ongoing performance and so that decisions can be made as mobile evolves.

When your site appears in a mobile search, it will be tagged as mobile-friendly but you have to ensure that users will have a good mobile experience. Conduct searches through mobile regularly so that you can analyze your competitors and check how their website performs. This way you can undertake steps to enrich the mobile experience of your users to stay ahead of the competition.