Your vehicle’s timing belt is one of the most important parts of your vehicle. As the name suggests, it connects your vehicle’s crankshaft and camshaft and keeps your engine working perfectly in perfect harmony. If your Timing Belt in Brisbane would break, your wheels will not rotate and will render your car useless. A timing belt is not only important in your car’s function; it is also one of its most expensive parts. To avoid any inconvenience on your day to day activities and on your wallet, keep your timing belt protected and in good shape. Here’s how:

Regular replacement

Check your vehicle’s mileage. When it reaches to 80,000 to 160,000 kilometres or roughly around five to eight years, consider it having replaced. Your car would simply stop right in the middle of your driving and this can be challenging. Although timing belt is made of heat-resistant and durable rubber, it will still eventually break with constant use. Mileage varies from one car to another and it would be safe if you have your vehicle regularly checked by a licensed mechanic to avoid getting caught off guard.

Hire licensed mechanic

For the replacement and service needs of your Timing Belt in Brisbane, only hire a qualified mechanic. Some of the things that you need to check are the mechanic’s license. Your car is a pricey investment and you don’t want to entrust its repair or check up in the hands of a mechanic with questionable credentials. Apart from the credentials, you should also verify if the mechanic has the necessary tools to perform the required job. Also, you might want to ask if the mechanic has the experience in replacing a timing belt and how long has he been in the industry.

Replacing a Timing Belt in Brisbane can be costly and inconvenient. If you noticed that your car no longer starts immediately as it used to more so if your car already has high mileage, have it checked by a mechanic right away. You should also do so when you notice that your car is emitting more exhaust than it normally does.