Monograms are the best way to transform something ordinary and make it look like a chic piece. Any ordinary pieces such as napkin and pillowcase can easily be transformed into something better by adding a monogram. The history of monograms is known to start in the Ancient Greek and Rome and it has take a great turn during the Victorian era because of its popularity with the aristocrats who are fond of embroidering monograms to their personal things using their initials. It was then that monograms gained its popularity. There are different ways wherein one can use and incorporate monograms to make ordinary things more beautiful.

If you are fond of making your sofa look better, then you can use accent pillows. To make accent pillows more beautiful? Throw in a monogram. It is important to remember if you are giving these accent pillows as gift to a couple, make sure that the monogrammed last initial is placed at the center. The wife’s initial will have to be located at the left side of the last initial while the husband’s is to be placed on the right side. Make sure that the positions of the initials do not create words that you do not want to be displayed in your own home. There are other modifications if desired. If the gift is for a single person only, the last initial should be in the middle, the initial of the first name should be on the left while the middle name initial should be on the right side. It is also better to use only the first and last name initials.

You can also add in monogram in your furniture to give them a unique look. Upholstered furniture can be easily added with monograms. Remember that the font as well as the color of the monogram must be in coordination with the size and style of the furniture that you are putting it on. To make your dining experience better, add in monograms to linens and dish towels. For special celebrations, monogram gifts are the best way to go since it is more personalized than any other gifts.