The following post is the product of a meeting we had with the guys over at Paper Mart Ribbons. Intel has a revolutionary idea of getting rid of cables in connecting and sharing information from one device to another. Imagine walking into a room with your handheld laptop, and it directly links with the printer and external hard drives in the room. That’s what Intel has in mind.

Intel informed the world of their latest tech development this week. The new fifth generation processors for PCs will truly change how people work with technology in this generation. This new processor will get rid of the rolls of cables and connectors between gadgets and equipments. The new chips are set to revolutionize desktops, mini PCs and laptops.

More features

This plan of Intel to go wire free calls for gadget users to charge their laptops wirelessly. Users can automatically connect to hardware peripherals wirelessly which would mean lesser or no more cables at all.

Gadgets such as laptops and tablets that are linked to a wireless dock can immediately share data and could also transfer it. WiGig technology serves as the brain or basis for the wireless dock innovation. The WiGig technology provides excellent speed in data transfers. It remarkably has the speed of up to 7Gbps when transferring data in short distances. Prolonged and longer distance in data transfer will affect the speed to some extent. It is to be noted that the data transferred have high quality.

As of writing, Intel has now been shipping these wireless chips to different stores.

Impact of Intel’s new product

This high tech equipment developed by Intel will improve the way businesses are conducted and the manner at which operations are carried out. This would save a lot of time in setting up peripheral devices so you could print that advertisement or scan that report. This will also lessen the hassle of technical difficulties encountered especially when available cables suddenly malfunction.

Since all businesses have taken advantage of technology to hasten processes at work, all industries will benefit from this innovation. Whether you are in the food industry, packaging industry, and especially if you are regularly involved in computer works, you will surely find this new product to be very helpful.