Facebook is a social networking company that is very popular all over the world. However, Facebook does not rest on its laurels but continues to pursue innovations to deliver internet access to mobile phones. Facebook believes that the recent technology called ARIES will set a new world record of efficiently transmitting data signals through the air so that it can deliver wireless internet to developing regions in Africa, India and other parts of the world.

According to the vice-president of Facebook infrastructure the technologically driven wireless transmission is more affordable than dragging fiber and power lines into the rural areas and setting up the traditional antenna systems called base stations. ARIES is shortened term for Antenna Efficiency in Spectrum which is an example of a complex and seemingly outrageous hardware that will expand internet access.

Facebook has also unveiled a wireless antenna system called Terragraph that is designed to expand and improve both Wi-Fi and cellular phone signals in cities. To provide connectivity in remote areas that are far from urban places, Facebook will build flying drones and communication lasers. The company has invested so much money so that people can gain access to the internet as well as Facebook. However, Facebook has no plans of selling the stuff because it will be sharing the innovation to the world for free. Facebook does not plan to set up and operate antennas of its own so that others can build and modify the hardware to expand the reach of internet.

Terragraph will provide a method of distribution for high bandwidth signal within dense urban areas while eliminating the need for expensive fiber lines between antennas. The Terragraph system will not just provide wireless signal to tablets and smartphones, antennas will be able to wirelessly communicate with each other without fiber lines. Terragraph hopes to deliver access speeds of about a gigabit per second.

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