A few years back, Kessley McCormick was an esthetician in Lynchburg, Virginia which happens to be her hometown. One day she decided that she will do something so that she will not be cleaning other people’s faces.

She later found out that she was not destined to be in the fashion industry or as a respiratory therapist. Despite the fact that she is working in Virginia Beach and loved aesthetics, she does not find her passion in these jobs.

While she was doing facials with clients before, what she loved the most about the job is that she is able to connect with her clients. She was able to offer a listening ear and act as their support system.

McCormick shared how majority of her clients would remark that they get so much more than facials from her.

It was then that McCormick decided to apply her intuitive gift into pursuing a new career and that is to become a life coach. It was January this year that she was awarded the certification by the World Coaching Institute, an organization located in Miami Beach and offer life coaching training programs and certifications.

McCormick spent a number of hours performing online coursework and conducting phone caching. This medium fitted her perfectly because she is not like any other life coaches, she prefers to use through text and phone calls to clients.

McCormick confessed that she herself has an old-school attitude despite being only 32 years old. She loves to wander and have a book at all times.

She said that it is common to see millennials stuck to their gadgets thus her decision to use the smartphone as a medium. This is the reason why she is able to reach a lot of clients. She is not yet in a situation where she got clients in each state but she has many clients in various states already and many of her followers are based in London.

She said that life coaching books helped her a lot and that she can connect to anyone as long as they have a phone and they know how to speak the English language.