Windows Map app is a very useful tool that can be used even without internet connection. You simply download the app and store it on your phone for driving, walking and transit directions. The Windows Map app can also be used to search for restaurants, addresses, businesses, hotels and tourist attractions. If you want to avoid traffic, the map will help you look for an alternate route.

Microsoft recently released an update for Windows map app for Fast ring Insiders to bring the version number to 5.1611.3191.0 that can be used for both PC’s and phones. The idea behind the update is to allow Insiders to make corrections. Landscape changes constantly and it is difficult for services to be on top of the changes. With the update, an Insider will be able to tell whether the restaurant he is searching for is already closed or whether it has transferred to a new location. Insiders can also add a new road that is not yet included in the map.

The Microsoft update will also allow Insiders to point out if there is something wrong in the map. For example, Microsoft may inadvertently include a hospital in the list of Italian restaurants or a city was written in a wrong language. It is also possible that the map has a missing road or details about a business are incorrect. These errors can be pointed out so that corrections can be immediately made. Insiders can also suggest changes if search did not find what he wants or the results are not accurate.

Microsoft regularly makes improvements on the Windows Map app. The last update was a few weeks ago which added the ability to organize favorites and to save places into collections.  If you are not a Fast ring Insider, the update will likely show up at the Windows Store in a few weeks.

Maps have certainly gone technical to quickly check traffic during commute. However, there is Illustrated Map that you can consider as a work of art. The creativity of the map is very apparent not to mention the wealth of information it provides to make the user familiar with a certain place.