When you are designing any kind of structures regardless if it’s a high-rise that has a nice penthouse above or a multi-storey mansion inside an exclusive subdivision that is reserved for those who belong to the topmost spot of the society, you have to make sure that you make every single precautionary measure there is to ensure not just the quality of the structure but also and more importantly, the general safety of the people who would be staying at the said structure especially if we are talking about designing a very tall high-rising building. You see, the beauty of a structure means nothing at all if the state building department declares that the structure is not safe to be occupied due to various violations which may include the lack of high-quality materials in the construction stage. Now, in designing and building anything for that matter, there are new materials that are making interesting noise in the industry right now and among those materials are the sturdier types of glass which are now commonly used for balustrades in luxury homes or even in high-rising buildings. Balustrades to begin with, have two main purposes that make them popular among homes: as a safety measure and, as a decorative finishing features especially for staircases, balconies, pools and even buildings.


Nowadays, there are other materials that are popular choices for a balustrade aside from the traditional materials such as metal and wood that have grown as commonly preferred materials by traditional designers and engineers. However, with the continuous moving forward of time, civil engineers and designers alike have come up with newer and more revolutionary kinds of balustrades that can be used for porches and even stairs that are helpful in furthermore enhancing the overall look of a house or a building. With today’s weather becoming more erratic by the day, a typical balustrade is now sturdier and is built to be able to withstand extreme weather conditions that is why you can now see a balustrade that is made out of pure concrete especially if you are in Uganda. In addition to this, a balustrade can now be installed in other things such as verandas, compound walkways among others.