Experts in New Hampshire that provide conference management services, talk about what it takes for a business to organize a successful event. According to Joe Ouellette, Mill Falls at the Lake’s director of sales and marketing, the first step in event planning is to identify its purpose as well as the objective. If one understands the goal at the end of the event, the foundation can be built properly in order to make sure that the event will be successful. For example, organizing an event for elite members of a company’s board, it is important to consider that this group of people will be discussing sensitive information regarding their business therefore the venue should provide the security and privacy they require.

He added that the first thing that organizers look for in an event or meeting venue is the location. It must be able to entice the participants to come.  This is why many events are organized in venues that are not only pure business but also offers an outlet like a mini vacation. The second thing organizers are looking for is the hospitality offered by the service crew and staff at the location. This is something that should be delivered with authenticity in order to attract more event planners in the future.

Southern New Hampshire University’s sales and community relations coordinator, Holly Arnold, said that they utilize technology in order to answer the needs of their clients. For instance, they have social media accounts in platforms such as Twitter and Facebook in order to post advertisements as well as to welcome their clients in their venue. Their Facebook account as well as their website serves as channels for event and conference organizers to contact them and inquire about the venue. They also use software such as Docusign to make contract signing easier and more efficient.

She added that their venues are equipped with the latest technology in audiovisual department and this is important for companies that offer conference management services in order to eliminate the need to outsource equipment from other companies. This means that the clients are not required to bring any devices or gadgets as everything is provided but laptops are allowed if the clients want to use their own. The venue has a dedicated media services team that can help the client assist audiovisual, live streaming as well as recording.