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Utilizing The Power Of Technology To Determine Whether Termites Are Present Or Not

In new light of the termite problems that have been plaguing Australia for a while now, a team of three people, Nick Akroyd, Chris Kirk and Keiron Liddle have developed a mobile smartphone application to help houseowners determine whether they have termites in their houses or not. However, this does not count as termite inspections in Sydney as this merely indicates whether there are termites in certain places or not. The name of this application is “Termite Buster” and it does its job of busting out the hiding places of termites. One of the major reasons for the development of this application is the need for house owners to perform the required termite checks before buying the house. If they don’t perform these checks they might end up needing to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars to repair the house.

Another name for termites is “head bangers”. This name arises because of the termite’s tendency to bang its head against the heads of other termites to warn the entire termite colony of imminent danger. But to start this process, it needs to first sense danger. This danger is instigated in the minds of these hive animals by lightly tapping against the surfaces of the walls where the termites might be residing. After the head banging sequence starts, the smartphone’s microphone must be kept near the surface of the wall to detect these faint noises which are otherwise too soft for the ears of humans. There are also some special features within the app. It has been loaded with software and data to determine which type of termite is present also. The leader of their team, Kirk also stated that their team isn’t looking to steal the jobs of professional agencies which perform termite inspections in Sydney but are rather trying to enable everyone to be aware of the happening within the walls of their house.

David Merritt, an associate professor at the school of Biological Sciences at the University of Queensland also stated that this application would be useful, provided the microphone present in the smartphone was powerful enough. However, if the house owner himself has hearing that is acute enough, there might not be a need for this application.

Well-Known Viking Warrior Is Actually A Woman

A dramatic funeral was given to a popular Viking warrior and it was evident in the remains of the tall fighter. Next to the body is the carefully arranged full suite composed of heavy weaponry used in battles. During the interment ritual, two high-priced horses have been used as a sacrifice. Thanks to the map illustrations that were created during the funeral, experts nowadays are able to decipher the burial site for the modern archives.

Aside from the weaponry and horses, the buried corpse came with an intricate game set that contains board and pieces. The game set is placed on the lap of the warrior.

The burial is also a revelation to the modern times as to what an actual Viking warrior means during their time. The burial site is the first that has been found in a town called Birka in Sweden back in the 1880s.

This is not the only amazing discovery they have unearthed as there is also something special with the hero that has been fighting during a time when stealing from long boats is very common.

According to the American Journal of Physical Anthropology, they found out that the corpse of the warrior belongs to a woman around 30 years of age.

Based on the report regarding the study, they were able to determine the high status of a male warrior after seeing a grave in Bj 581 located in Birka. The image of the male fighter during the time of the patriarchs was further strengthened by backed up research regarding their traditions and the assumption that modern times have. This is the main reason why the biological sex of the corpse was not given much attention. Well, not until today.

According to Charlotte Hedenstierna-Jonson, the head of the studies conducted by Stockholm and Uppsala Universities, they were able to study that the Valkyrie is not one that is expected from tell tales saga but it was of a military leader in real life and it was actually a woman. This revelations were made possible by the map illustrations that comes with burial sites that are used in modern studies.

A Great Website Design And Hosting Your Website

A few online users get to judge a company based on how it is designed. You need to install a good website to enhance credibility. However, there is no need to hire an expensive developer to make things happen.There are many ways to acquire a good website especially on a budget. Here are few things you might want to know when wanting the best website possible especially for hosting your website.

Define Your Budget

You need to set out a budget for your project. Having a well-defined budget will make you know what exactly you want. In fact, missing this step will make you realize what you had more for the project.

Ensure you consider all aspects included in the process such as domain name purchase, hosting your website, images/graphics, design and marketing.

Set Your Goals

Every website has to have an intention on why it is created. Some are intended to sell products, while others are meant to generate leads.  Set goals for your website before it is created so that its design will match the goals of your business.

Solutions for Website Design

The first expense to make for the design is to choose a domain name and a web host, which is inexpensive. You will need these for hosting your website. Once you have chosen these two, you can now pursue on how you want your website designed.

  • Hire a Professional

Hiring a professional may sound expensive but there are those that provide you with affordable costs. You just need to search for them that provide a smaller fee on their services. You can tell them about your budget and see what they can do for you.

  • DIY Website Design

Utilize the Internet to create online presence through many website builders. You may want to use WordPress which allows you to create your own website. It may take time to learn the software, but once you get used to it, things will turn out less difficult. Also consider SEO tipswhich aid in the design of your website and how you can utilize its features.

There are so many ways to get your website designed and to provide hosting your website. You don’t have to spend much for great online presence. You can utilize these tips for a professionally designed website that helps mold your reputation.

Cloud Protection Of Patient Information

It is common for myths and speculation to surround cloud computing and healthcare as it is a fairly new combination. Many are confused regarding the technology and how it is utilized in the healthcare industry. Majority of the biased perceptions are due to misunderstandings which focus mainly on the issue of information security.

There are a lot of advantages that are offered by cloud computing that is not possible at all times with on-site solutions including a requirement for authentication before access control is granted, redundancy of the data center and its high level of availability, advanced encryption, multi-tenant segmentation, security in both software and physical system and regulatory compliance.

There are proofs that cloud services will soon be utilized by security industry and other industries.

According to the CEO of Biscom, Bill Ho, people are of the notion that when a company is investing on a certain service or a particular application then they are planning to provide higher level of experience and a dedicated expertise to their customers.

There are a lot of cloud provides that provides tools as well as integration points for their clients to make sure that their applications and data are given the highest level of protection. This is to ensure that there will be no data loss and breaches in the future. The security that the cloud provider offers is only half of the equation because the remaining half still depends on the hospital as it is their responsibility to make sure their data assets are fully secured.

But according to the product marketing manager of a software company, Krishnan Subramanian, data isolation is not the way to prevent malware and threats from occurring. The number of hospitals that are transitioning to cloud computing is slowly increasing thus the security and IT department should be well aware that the responsibility for cyber security is delineating.

There should be a joint effort between the provider of cloud computing and healthcare in order to make sure that the data stored are all secured and no undesirable breaches are to happen in the future. Each of the party is responsible for securing their part of the equation.

Natural Ingredients That Will Make Your Skin Look Better

Majority of the skin care products nowadays are from lab-grown plants and herbs and most of them are mixed with chemicals in order to deliver the promised result. Not all consumers know that they can get the same effect from natural alternatives such as Zkin natural skin care products. There are simple ingredients from the forests and small berries that can be used to make one’s skin look better.

First is the Manuka Honey that according to a dermatologist based in Great Neck, New York, Jeannette Graf, is different from the antioxidants that can be found in other types of honey. The antioxidants that can be derived from manuka are quite strong thus it is not easily damaged. It is common to hear people claim about using honey in their skin care regimen. Honey is not actually applied on the face directly but when used as an ingredient in skin care products, the result is amazing especially if the manuka honey was gathered from either Australia or New Zealand. Graf also added that the manuka honey is a great moisturizer and has antibacterial properties that can eliminate acne.

Another ingredient is the bearberry which is also known as kinnikinnick, a word from Balderdash. It is the best option if you are looking for a natural skin brightener with optimum result. Aside from antioxidants, arbutin can also be extracted from bearberry and is very similar to hydroquinone which is an ingredient used in getting rid of dark spots. According to a dermatologist from Boca Raton, Florida, JordanaHerschthal, it has the tyrosinaseenzyme which is necessary in pigment production.

Bakuchiol is a natural ingredient that does the same job as retinol. It can smooth lines, eliminate acne and help remove spots. Ni’Kita Wilson is a cosmetic chemist and she said that bakuchiol is actually doing the same thing as retinol does but it does not dry up the skin. If you are aiming for anti-aging as well as skin brightening, bakuchiol is ideal much like Zkin natural skin care products because of the antioxidant present.

How Non-Profit Organizations Can Take Advantage Of Profit-Oriented Digital Marketing

Non-profit organizations are often challenged by tight budgets, limited resources and restricted number of hours to complete never-ending tasks. When faced with these considerable challenges, the solution is efficient digital marketing techniques. Fortunately, many researches are being conducted and results are being revealed are free. Even if the organization is not working towards to a profit, it can still use profit-oriented online strategies.

When there is a campaign, it is important to generate as many visitors as possible that will take action. This means investing time and efforts to undertake the most effective digital marketing efforts and craft the language that resonates with the audience. Functional pages on the website must be built to make participation easy, simple and intuitive.

According to Kissmetrics, visitors strongly respond to images that contain faces. When the faces are looking towards content, online users tend to follow the gaze. If you do not want to use faces in the digital campaign, use hand drawn arrows instead.

Media coverage is very critical to non-profit campaigns particularly if it includes a link to the website. For example, a backlink to the website through New York Times will have a greater impact than a backlink from an unknown blogger. Backlinks from well-known websites are very useful in search engine optimization. Always provide journalists with links to your Facebook, Twitter and YouTube accounts and don’t forget to return the favor by sharing their piece with your audience.

Today, YouTube reigns supreme in the digital sphere. YouTube is also the second largest search engine. According to Hubspot, if you include a video in your emails, you can expect clicks to double or even triple. Videos can also boost your landing page conversions by 80%. There are lots of inexpensive tools that can be used to create professional-looking videos that will resonate with your target audience.

Content and social media are very important elements of your digital marketing campaign. Create engaging and relevant content and hashtags that will drive visitors to the website. However, it is important to have a social media management dashboard to manage all your social media accounts through a single log to monitor content efficiently.

Two North East Firms Listed As Some Of UK’s Fastest Growing Exporters

The eight annual Sunday Times HSBC International Track 200 league table is a list of the companies in Britain with the fastest-growing exports, organized and ranked. The list has been recently released early May, with 2 North Eastern Britain companies having managed to make the cut, a bottling company and an IT recruitment firm, who can offer good bottling tips and IT recruitment Tips, respectively.

Two North Eastern Britain companies managed to continue their commercial success and get themselves included in the prestigious list of the country’s fastest growing exporters. The two North Eastern companies that made it on the list are County Durham’s Greencroft Bottling, and Newcastle’s Frank Recruitment.

Greencroft Bottling has already featured on the list prior, having made the cut last year after growing their exports to £6.4m. The County Durham based bottler is one of the largest wine bottling companies in Europe, and it’s production line can handle filling up 90,000 bottles and boxes of wine by the hour. The company has customers in Australia, New Zealand, as well as in the US, Chile, and even South Africa. Last year, the company made a big investment to increase its overall bottling capacity by 25%. The investment was reported to have cost £3M.

The other North East business is one worth asking for IT recruitment Tips. Frank Recruitment Group managed to make the list for the first time after its takeover by TPG Group, an American investment group, which has a history of backing several other successful enterprises, such as Spotify and Airbnb.

The IT recruitment firm operates globally, handling over 70 countries, and has been growing rather quickly, as proven by their presence on this list. The company recently opened offices in the US, specifically in Philadelphia and Dallas. Additionally, the firm’s international sales rose to £76.7M last year.

Both companies had managed to also win other accolades in the past few month. Frank Recruitment had made the list of Britain’s fastest growing firms in the month of March, whilst both companies, alongside Greencroft’s sister company Lanchester Wines, managed to make the cut for the Stock Exchange’s 1,000 Companies to Inspire Britain report.

The listing shows the importance of Europe to Britain’s exporting mid-market companies, as the Brexit negotiations loom. 85% of the companies featured on the list was aimed primarily at Europe, followed by North America and Asia.

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