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Content Marketing For Your Tyre Business

For entrepreneurs planning to venture into selling tyres on the Gold Coast, there is one important thing they should learn that concerns internet marketing – content marketing. The goal of content marketing is to provide information as well as educate the consumers as a result they will be viewed as influencer. When this is established, they will gain loyal customers thereby increasing sales. There are three ways which it can be accomplished:

  • By publishing original content to show consumers that you are knowledgeable in the tyre industry and you can showcase your authority in the field. You can use a variety of mediums such as websites, articles, blogs, news stories, newsletters, videos and infographics among many others.
  • Content marketing is also more effective when used alongside with social media because this is where communities of loyal customers are created. This is also an effective venue where you can share the contents you have published in your website or blogs. You can network with prospective customers and reach more people. The most common social media platforms are Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Pinterest and LinkedIn.
  • The last thing you have to incorporate is SEO which is short for search engine optimization. This is essential if you want your website to rank higher in search engine results related to keywords for your business.

It is no longer enough to perform traditional marketing alone. The world is changing because of technology therefore content marketing now plays a huge role in businesses. Buyers of tyres on the Gold Coast are more aware than before and they do their research before going out to shop. Majority of consumers are turning to online shopping because it is more convenient and they don’t have to go out and a lot time especially if they are always busy.

Think of content marketing for your business of tyres on the Gold Coast as an investment. If the information is relevant to present times, it can be used to attract new customers. You only have to invest once unlike traditional advertising where the cost of advertising takes up a lot of the business’ budget.

Latest Tax Plan Sealed Florida’s Tag As Tax Haven

Before the end of last year, the new tax reform bill was approved and was implemented at the beginning of 2018. This further improved the status of Florida as a tax haven. According to financial planners as well as real estate agents, the increase in the number of people moving in Florida is only one proof that the state is the best for people who wanted to get the most of their hard-earned money. It is expected that new businesses will start applying for FL tax ID soon in order to operate within the state.

According to Meyer Lucas Real Estate’s president and a realtor, Holly Meyer Lucas, there was an immediate reaction after the new tax bill was approved. Lucas who is based in Jupiter added that there was an extreme interest among people who are planning to move to the southern part of Florida because of the state income tax alone.

She revealed that she currently has 12 buyers seriously considering relocation to Florida so that they don’t have to pay for state income tax.

Based on the previous federal tax plan, there is full deduction awarded to local as well as state taxes but with the new tax plan the deduction has a cap which is set at $10,000.

Ameriprise’s managing director, Eric Cornall, said that they are offering holistic financial planning services. Many of his clients have already seen the difference.

Cornall said that many of his clients currently residing in California and New York where the state taxes are higher have been doubtful about moving to Florida. The new tax plan made them reconsider the move which is an immediate reaction.

Lucas added that she finds it interesting that there are more buyers based in California compared to those located in the northeast. They are not really bothered about the fact that they will no longer travel Interstate 95 but rather Highway 101.

Lucas explained that majority of their inquiries are for country clubs situated in the west. They are also expecting the entrance of business as many are already applying for their FL tax ID in order to do business in the state.

Prevent Getting Yourself In The Spotlight For A Tax Audit

A tax audit notice coming from the IRS might be one of the scariest things a person can receive in their lifetime. One thing people should know is that there is very little chance of being audited and there are any ways to ensure that you will not be the subject of a tax audit. It is still recommended to get audit protection insurance to protect yourself and your savings in the event of a tax audit.

Based on the 2016 data book of the IRS, there are 148 million people who filed for tax returns and 1.2 million were audited. This means that not even 1 per cent or 0.8 per cent to be exact were audited from all the tax returns. The odds are getting even smaller because of the budget cuts that the IRS has been experiencing in the past few years. To avoid being audited, here are a few things you should keep in mind.

It is important to file a tax return regardless of you did not receive an income for that specific tax year or if you owe the government no taxes. This can be a red flag for the IRS and they might ask you why you did not file a tax return. For individuals with not taxes due or no income, the tax return should contain an explanation regarding this matter.

Get the best tax preparer in order to avoid yourself being placed in the spotlight of the IRS. You have to keep in mind though that even the best people in their field makes mistake at times. This does not mean that you should not hire a professional because you will need one especially if your financial status is quite complicated. If not, you can use tax preparer tools that are available.

Remember that those who report their income as zero are more likely to be audited than those who have higher income. The IRS gets suspicious that you might be deceiving them thus they will put you under tax audit. Two years ago, 3.25 per cent of people who filed with zero on their adjusted gross income are subjected to an audit. You are lucky if you have audit protection insurance but if you get audited without one then you might have to spend a lot in professional fee and other costs.

Teen Organized Food Drive Hopes To Establish Nonprofit

A student from Simsbury High School recently organized a food drive wherein he was able to gather hundreds of pounds of food during the holiday season. He is hoping to be able to establish a nonprofit organization one day. Technology experts advised about having a website focused on nonprofit web design to gain supporters and eventually donors.

Bronson Starsiak is currently 17 years old and he started the food drive with Simsbury Food Closet as the recipient. His collection started at home by rummaging through their kitchen cabinets. He shared how he found a lot of canned foods inside their pantry before the holiday started and he thought about food as a huge part of their traditions. His thoughts went into the unfortunate who don’t even have enough food for their daily living. This is when he decided to make a difference by organizing a food drive.

Donations came mainly from their home, the neighborhood as well as the members of the youth lacrosse team in his school in which he is a part of.

Starsiak was grateful for the donations given by his neighbors. During those times, he found out that every single person has the capacity to make a change. It does not require a lot of effort nor money but a simple act such as a food drive can help others.

The act inspired him to start a nonprofit organization. He is currently busy planning SKORE (Students Keen On Recycling Equipment) with the goal of gathering sports equipment, cleaning them and distributing them to those in need. He is planning to collaborate with schools all over Hartford.

He shared that he is processing the legal paperwork required and Starsiak will be scheduling the first collection which will be at his school. He admitted about being excited with the nonprofit.

He is happy with the success of the food drive and that is what motivated him to push his plan for SKORE. The idea came to him a long time ago but it was not until the food drive that everything came together for him. He is hoping to tackle nonprofit web design soon in order to launch a website.

Advantages Of Reading Review Sites For Voice To Text Dictation Software

If you want to be more productive and do more at home or at work, subscribe to a voice to text dictation software which you will find on the internet. There are several service providers and you can get various information from different sources. Apart from online, you can also ask your friends or family who are currently using the software for their experiences. You can also refer to review sites and forums for first-hand information from actual customers. With all the sources of information that you can refer to for software information, there is one excellent way to do it and that is to check on third party sites. Here are some of the advantages.

Information in one website

The good thing about checking from third party sites is they are independent so you can do away with salesy articles. Another is you will find more information about various voice to text dictation software such as which has better features and which product maker is more reliable. You will also know which of the software maker offers great customer support and reliable services.


Instead of visiting several websites, you only have to visit a single website since you can find all the information you need to know about a voice to text dictation software. This way, you will save time and effort and at the end of the day, you will get to decide which of the software providers you are going to contact for the service. This is ideal if you do not know of anybody who is using the software. Although this is quite far from reality because a lot of people nowadays are using the technology, if you can’t find anyone, at least you have review sites to get product information from.

Save money on software

Another advantage of checking from review sites for voice to text dictation software is you will know which of the products are more affordable without compromising its quality. To be sure, get into a 30 day trial period to help you decide if the product is worth your money.

Etiquette In Personalised Wedding Favors

In a study conducted last year reading weddings, the average number of people invited to these events has reduced by 10 per cent from the period of 2009 until 2016. On the other hand, the average cost that couples spend on each guest has increased from $194 and is now $245. These numbers are accurate. This is why the trend for gift giving has also changed. In an intimate wedding, it is now more common to see personalised wedding gifts compared to generic ones. The couples are also upping their game by giving gifts personalised souvenirs which is why the spending is higher compared to before.

According to the co-founder of Magic Bank which is an event planning site, Nic Rock, couples now prefer personalised guest gifts such as the wedding favors they give away. Some even go the extra mile and leave custom gifts at the hotels where the guests are staying.

Majority of these guests gifts are practical ones. Shirley Bosch, Design a Latte’s store manager, said that they have been receiving requests from couples who wanted custom koozies as well as glassware. They wanted items that can be used daily by the guests rather than a one-time product.

New Orleans is one of the top wedding venues in the country. This is why guests would love to receive gifts that are made locally especially if the invited party came from another town. It can be as simple as a map that indicates the favorite places of the couple all over the city.

Simple gift items can be made special through personalization and even the most common ones can stand out because of the personal touch. There are different levels of guest favors from simple to the most deluxe.

Bosch shared that they have a couple who ordered stemless wine glasses with votive candles. The names of the guests are printed on the front of the glass while the back served as place cards with wedding details.

With the effort made by these wedding couples, it is now surprising to see that guests are also opting for personalised wedding gifts which are worth of the occasion.

4 Creative Banksy Prints Ideas

You can do and experiment some designs to come up with fun and creative Banksy Prints on canvas. The good thing about personalised canvasart is you can have a nice artwork without the need to spend beyond your budget. Here are some cool ideas on how you can make use of customized Banksy Prints.

Framed canvas

Choose a design and apply the enhancements that you want to have on the canvas print. You can do all the modifications and editing at the digital canvas printer’s website. After applying your preferred design, choose your desired frame and click “submit”. Wait for the delivery and you can hang the canvas print on your dining area, living room, office walls or wherever you want to place the artwork.

Create a greeting card

Another excellent idea on what you will do with your Banksy Printsis to it printed in a greeting card size and give it to your friends or loved ones. If you want to inspire a friend or the recipient, you can choose word art and print an inspiring quote on the artwork. Digital prints are flexible in such a way that you can choose to have the project printed on special paper or high quality canvas.

Have it as a poster

Banksy prints can be printed according to your desired size. This way, you can create a poster with your preferred image on it. You can hang it on your wall inside your bedroom or in your office space. There are just so many ways to appreciate and use a canvas print. To ensure that you will enjoy the artwork for a long time, frame the poster with your chosen framing method.

Give a gift

A customised canvas print can also be given as a gift. The good thing about it is they are affordable and easy to order. You won’t spend a lot of time processing Banksy Prints on canvas and in no time, your recipient will marvel at the precious work of art that you have personally chosen and processed. Choose a reputable company to order the artwork from to get high quality project result.

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