Drains and waste water systems are some of the most susceptible to damage areas of the house. It is frequently used, hence, vulnerable to abuse and misuse. To avoid calling drain experts such as Fresh Flo, mind how you use your drainage and observe these simple drainage hacks.

Use sink and toilet strainers

To prevent foreign or food particles to go down the drain and block the pipes, use strains on your sink and on your toilet floor. The accumulation of food particles on your sink pipe will eventually take its toll and clog the drain. Collect the excess food particles on your sink strainer then dispose of them properly on the trash bin.

Pour hot water into the drain

As a regular preventive measure, pour hot water down the drain to melt down hard deposits that have settled on the lining of your pipes. You might also want to push a hard wire down the pipe to help soften and remove the collected hard deposits inside. According to the experts at Fresh Flo, you can pour hot water into the drain every day to prevent oil and grease to settle on your pipes.

Avoid pouring hot used oil into the drains

In relation to the previous tip, do not pour hot oil right into the drain after frying or cooking greasy food. When hot oil and grease cools down, it will harden and thicken thereby causing your pipes to get clogged. Collect your hot and used oil in a bottle or jar then dispose of it properly or directly to the trash bin.

Only call the professionals

When you need to have your drainage system or your pipes checked, call professional drain technicians such as Fresh Flo and no one else. These technicians are experts in the field so they would know how to handle different situations concerning your drains and they would know the solutions to your drain problems. Keep the contact number of the drain cleaner or the company’s hotline where your households can easily see so the entire family would know who to call in case there’s an issue.