The Lisa Rego Art Gallery is currently celebrating its anniversary. They have been in operation for a decade and they decided to create a grand celebration for this year’s anniversary. The gallery was launched by the chief executive of America’s Cup, Mike Winfield. It can be found at the Dockyard’s Clock Tower Mall.

Lisa-Anne Rego, the artist responsible for all the artworks has created two paintings that fit just right with the program of America’s Cup Licensee – Flight and Chase. She offers a lot of variety when it comes to her artworks which she reproduces in both paper and canvas. Both images can be reproduced depending on the budget of the client.

According to Rego, she found it challenging to create a painting that will please the audience through its aesthetics alone. This is the reason why she never made use of the color black and she had to find other combinations wherein she will be able to reproduce something similar to the color black. After which, all she had to do is juxtapose the difference colors of every AC boat.

Take for example the sail of the red Emirates she painted. It worked well with the blue sail of the Artemis just next to it. In order for Rego to create a beautiful composition, she must be able to carefully arrange things in a way that the whole event is organized.

The first paintings she ever did with the aid of drone technology are Bermuda Aerial 1 and 2. These two paintings precede her latest collection. The setting of these two used the Bermuda as a background but through an aerial view. Included is the narrative of the race that happened on Wednesday night.

Her paintings are both available in lithographic prints as well as in digital canvas prints. Ms Rego revealed that they are all limited though and each size will only have 100 copies. These copies will bore the marks of the America’s Cup.

The price range of the artworks along with the canvas art print varies from $165 until $1200 for the largest canvas print.